Fort Magic International Shipping


Dear International Customers,

The Fort Magic company is not shipping internationally at this time.  However, you may use a 3rd party shipper to help you receive international packages.  MyUS is one company we know of that has provided 3rd party shipping for many of our Fort Magic international customers with competitive rates (priced better than what we can provide to you).  We are not affiliated with MyUS, we just know a lot of people use them.


Here are the steps you will need to take:

You will need to create a MyUS account before receiving your quote.  You will also need the package details to receive a quote.

The Fort Magic Kit box is 26″ x 16″ x 6″ and the shipping weight is 21 pounds.

The Fort Magic Kit + Expansion Pack Bundle box is 28″ x 18″ x 7″ and the shipping weight is 28 pounds.


1)  Set up your MyUS account.

2)  Receive a quote on shipping the order to your international address.

3)  Purchase the Fort Magic kit from our online store using the ‘Sarasota, FL’ address provided via your MyUS account (you must use the USA shipping address to complete checkout.  You cannot complete checkout with an international shipping address.)

4)  When MyUS receives the package they will forward it to your international address.

5) Please note: International shipping often includes taxes and/or duty fees collected by the border customs.  If you have questions about the required taxes or duty fees for your country we recommend searching for this information on Google.  Taxes and duty fees are standard for many countries when shipping internationally.  Please refer to your MyUS agreement regarding the collection of taxes & duty fees for your order.

6) If you would like to contact MyUS directly for assistance their telephone number is 941-227-4444.  Or, you may send an email via the MyUS Contact Page here:


MyUS Website Link:


Please note the Fort Magic kit safety warnings and safety instructions on the box and in the building manual are printed in English ONLY.  Please only purchase the Fort Magic kit if you and your children are fluent in English and can read and understand the safety instructions.  Not being able to read or understand the safety instructions is a safety hazard for your family. The Fort Magic kit is tested for and compliant with USA, Australian, Canadian and European children’s products safety standards.




Team Fort Magic