Fort Magic International Shipping


Dear International Customers –
Fort Magic is not offering international shipping at this time.  However, you may still order Fort Magic from the US Fort Magic Amazon store and use a 3rd party shipper to receive your package.  MyUS is one company we know of that has provided 3rd party shipping for many customers and has very reasonable rates comparatively (we are not affiliated with them, we just know a lot of people use them).
You will need to create a MyUS account before receiving your quote.  You will also need the package details to receive a quote.  The Fort Magic box is 25″ x 11″ x 8″ and the weight is 17 pounds.
Here are the steps you will need to take:
1)  Set up your MyUS account.
2)  Receive your quote on shipping the Fort Magic kit to your international address.
3)  If you are satisfied with your quote, and you would like to use MyUS as a 3rd party shipper to make your purchase, you will then go to our Fort Magic Amazon store to purchase.
4)  Purchase the Fort Magic kit from Amazon – using the ‘Sarasota, FL’ address provided via your MyUS account (* Note:  The Fort Magic Amazon store does NOT ship directly to international addresses – you must have a United States shipping address.)
5)  Next, when MyUS receives your package from Amazon, they will ship your Fort Magic kit to your international address.
For your convenience, you may use the links below:
If you should decide to order internationally please know that our customer service is still here for you should you need anything.
Team Fort Magic