Kids and Castles - The Magic of Creating Fairytale Forts

Posted July 16, 2018 by Fort Magic

Fairy tales awaken our imaginations. They take us to a different time in faraway lands. Kids enjoy the wonder of these timeless stories. And parents like sharing them! Building fairy tale forts is a way for kids to pretend they are princesses, princes, and knights from their favorite books. Leave the daily routine behind to celebrate the wonder of childhood and castles!

kids and castles

A Castle for Every King and Queen

There are as many different castles as there are kings and queens. Let your kids dream of their own special place. Encourage them to use colorful scarves, LED lights, and sheer fabric to create a truly mystical place. From long and low to tall and high, all it takes is a Fort Magic kit and plenty of creativity to get started. And making a few paper crowns with glitter is sure to get kids inspired about being the king or queen of their castle!


Get Fairy Tale Inspiration

Are the kids looking for inspiration? Read their favorite fairy tales again. Talk about Cinderella dancing at the ball with the prince. Make sure the castle has a ballroom with a clock that strikes at midnight (a windup alarm clock is a great idea). Or build a castle fort with a window where Rapunzel can let down her hair. A long wig from the party shop is sure to be the perfect prop! And once the castle is ready and the kids are exhausted from playtime, read the fairy tale together one more time.


Learning and Fairy Tales

Fort building teaches kids about STEM skills through hands-on planning and building. Fairy tales can also be a learning opportunity! Have the kids write and illustrate their own stories about princesses, princes, dragons, and knights. Or play a game such as Roll a Fairy Tale Castle to teach them about counting, addition, and multiplication. And while they learn, the kids will have plenty of fun!


Travel to Castles Around the World

Building castle forts is also a wonderful way to teach kids about history and geography. Show them photos of the most famous fairy tale castles in the world. Have them imagine what it might feel like to live in such a grand place. Talk about the country where the castle is located and the royalty that lived in it. How about majestic examples such as Eltz Castle in Germany and Corvin Castle in Romania? The kids are sure to be in awe of these unique castles!


Magnificent Movie Night

Fairy tales were read, the castle fort is standing proudly in the living room, and the kids are elated. So what comes next? Set up the laptop to play their favorite fairy tale movies. Make popcorn and sit back to enjoy feeling like lords and ladies in a fairy tale world. And make sure mom and dad have crowns for family movie night, too!


What are your kids favorite fairy tales and how did they inspire you to build magical castle forts? Share your ideas with us below!


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