Kids Creative Crafting Ideas With The Fort Magic Kit

Posted April 23, 2023 by Fort Magic

School is almost out for the summer and finding something to do with the kids home every day can be a bit overwhelming. Below we will give you a few fun and creative ways to build forts using our Fort Magic kits and keep your kids entertained all summer long.

Imagine sitting outside enjoying a nice glass of lemonade, soaking up the sunshine and reading a book. Does this sound nice? Giving the kids an activity that they enjoy and that will keep them busy for hours is the key to this. Fort Magic can have your kids attention while you do things parents never get to do alone.


Gathering Supplies

When you are giving the kids some fort ideas to build you must first make sure all the supplies are gathered and in one place to make it easier on everyone. Have the kids help you round up things around the house you can use.

When looking for ideas to cover the fort with, you can use old sheets, towels, blankets, curtains, tablecloths, and scarves. You could also grab a roll of art paper or a stack of old newspapers to cover the fort with. Looking for things to add to the fort, pillows and small stuffed animals make a great choice. If you have some battery-operated string lights throw them in the pile. Next, grab any dress-up clothes your kids love to play with and accessories. If you have old crafting supplies around grab those too. Markers and paper, crayons, scissors, construction papers will all work!

Last grab the fun and always entertaining Fort Magic kit! Now you and the kids are ready to head outside for some fun.


Outdoor Forts

Looking to soak up some Vitamin C and let the kids run some energy out? Try one of these outside fort ideas. Bring your bucket of supplies outside and let the kids have fun.

Sheet Fort

Grab a pile of white flat sheets, painter’s clothes, or even a roll of craft paper and your fort kit for this one. Have the kids build a fort design of their choice. They can do the basic box, a carriage, or even a rocket ship! Let them decide! After they have their basic shape built have them cover the fort with the sheets or other white material of your choice. Then let the creative juices start flowing, give the kids washable markers or paints and let them decorate the outside and inside of their forts however they choose.

Did they build a carriage? They can paint it their favorite colors, add some wheels and details then dress like their favorite prince and princess and act like they are going for a ride together. Complete with a tea party and the end of their ride, with cookies and milk.

A rocket ship? Drawing the outside to mimic a rocket ship can be fun! Add some string lights to the inside and some cutouts of the different plants, the moon, and stars. Afterward, have them curl up with some books on space and science and enjoy their newly made rocket! Want to add to the excitement? Throw them some moon pies and juice boxes for a refreshing snack.


Water Fort

The outside temps getting a little too high for comfort and looking for a way to cool the kids down? A fun water fort that they have created is just the way. You will need to grab a few water-safe toys, some noodles, water guns, water balloons, and a few tarps to use as covers. If you have a kiddie pool, the kids can design the fort around it, or a slip and slide.

First, lay a big tarp out to use as a base. Then have the kids make a fort on the side of the tarp. A house shape or a teepee shape could be fun! Use more tarps as a waterproof cover for the shape. If you have some water paints they could even decorate the tarps with water paint to add to the creativity.  Add a small kiddie pool and a slip and slide to finish up the play area. Let them add some water guns and water balloons. Throw on their swimsuits and grab a few beach towels and head outside for fun in the sun. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Once the kids get tired you can add a small snack of popsicles and then have them set up the sprinkler near the water fort. Have them lay inside the fort while the water hits the outside and enjoy a cool treat. Then it is time to play again. Running wild in the sprinkler or slip and slide is sure to tire your little one out quickly.


Inside Forts

Are the kids itching to get into something but the weather outside is not cooperating. The forecast calls for wind and rain and no outside activities. No fear, Fort Magic Kits can save the day. We have you covered inside and outside for all your creative fort ideas.

Skyscrapers and City Lights

Are you wanting to take a trip to the big city? A fan of Chicago, and New York and the skyline. Have your kids build a city of their own. Using the fort magic kit they can build forts that are in different heights and sizes creating several buildings. They can also use old cardboard boxes to add to the buildings. Have them cover the forts in sheets and draw in windows and doors on the building. The cardboard boxes can be drawn on also. Then have them paint or draw a background for the city. Will it be a pretty sun with clouds? Or the night sky complete with the moon and string lights? Next, they can grab a few toy cars and trucks and make their way through the city weaving in and out of buildings as they chase each other around.

Looking for a fun snack to add-in? Pizza rolls and cookies are always a hit.


Art Fort

This fort can be one that you want to leave up all the time for your favorite little artists. Have them build a fort that is big enough to fit a small table and chair in. Cover the fort with colorful and fun print fabrics that will get their creative side flowing.

Add in a basket of craft supplies, such as paper, coloring books, crayons, markers, chalk, scissors, and glue. Add a clothesline that is secure with a few clothespins so they are able to display their artwork when they have completed it. With a space they can get creative and display their art pieces they are sure to have a blast all summer long.


Other Fun Crafts

While the kids are home this summer it is always fun to have them help you with small things. While they are building crafts you can have them help you make the snacks to go with their building. Maybe some fun and crafty cookies and cupcakes to go with the art fort, some pizza for their city, and homemade popsicles for those days outside.

Looking for more fun things to create? You can make edible paint out of pudding and food coloring, some edible playdough with cornstarch, baking soda, water, and food coloring. The paint can be used to decorate the outside of the forts while the playdough can be used in the forts.


When it comes to the Fort Magic building kit the possibilities are endless. Your kids will have a great summer and keep their imagination running wild if you allow them to build forts with simple materials they can find around the house. What kind of fort will your family build? Let us know!

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