Knights & Dragons Castle

$79.99  $129.99

Fort Magic® Knights and Dragons Castle! Protect your kingdom and prepare for a journey of honor and courage in a world of battling dragons and mystical creatures.  Exciting, detailed, life-size illustrations will inspire and delight your child for hours of creative and inventive play with this fort cover set!

Knights And Dragons

Knights & Dragons Expansion Pack


Build bigger forts, towers & tunnels by adding this 4-piece extra stone wall expansion pack to your Knights & Dragons Castle set!  Perfect for sleepovers and playdates with multiple children, the Knights & Dragons Castle Expansion Pack manual includes 10 additional large-size castle designs to build and play in, including exciting design features such as building large-size double tunnels for crawling through and adding secret entrances for hiding & surprising!

Knights And Dragons

Knights & Dragons Castle Bundle

$159.99  $264.98

Save BIG and purchase a Fort Magic Kit + Knights & Dragons Castle BUNDLE! This bundle set includes the Fort Magic Kit and the Knights & Dragons Castle cover set. Your family will love this magical fort adventure currently on sale with a 40% discount. Limited time offer.

Knights And Dragons