Large-Size Fort Ideas Big Kids Love With Fort Magic

Posted October 16, 2020 by Fort Magic

There are so many fort kits on the market that cater to young kids, but the reality is that older kids enjoy and learn from building them just as much as younger ones. With a Fort Magic building kit, kids of all ages and sizes can have the opportunity to create and build a fort that will not only fit their imagination but their size as well. In fact, with Fort Magic’s unique design, older kids have the ability to get even more creative, building larger, often more complex structures. Check out these fort ideas for your big kids!

fort ideas for big kids

Large-Size Fort Ideas

When it comes to creating, children have the best tool of all to come up with countless ideas – their imagination. However, if your crew is looking for some large-size ideas to get started on their fort journey, then consider these:

fort ideas for big kids

1. Military Base

What kid doesn’t love to play capture the flag or enjoy a good snowball fight? Well, with a Fort Magic building kit, your children can take these to the next level. Their military, or “home,” base can be built inside or outside and fortified for extra protection against the “enemy.”

They can build a large structure to fit several friends or keep it small and easy to protect against another team stealing their flag. Either way, they’re sure to have hours of endless fun building and rebuilding their structure to fit their needs.

2. Greenhouse or Garden Shed

For those children who love to be outdoors helping with yard work or in the garden, have them create and build their dream greenhouse or garden shed. This can be a place to store their equipment, plan for the next season, and even start their seedlings. It can also house all the unique things they find while working in and exploring the great outdoors!

fort ideas for big kids

3. Over-the-Bed Canopy

For those kids who want to make their room an exciting space, have them create an over-the-bed canopy. Not only can it make their room and bed more fun, but it will also create a little nook that is perfect for those that enjoy reading before bed. For an added bonus, hang string lights around the canopy that will resemble stars and provide a soft glow, making reading easy and peaceful before falling asleep.

4. Art or Design Studio

For the artistic child in your life that enjoys designing and creating outside of fort-building, challenge them to come up with an art or design studio. This space will be perfect to set up an easel or table for drawing, painting, coloring, or even building with blocks or play-doh. Make sure the “studio” is filled with easily accessible art-supplies and ensure there is plenty of light to provide the perfect space to create in.

With Fort Magic’s fabric clips, artwork can be easily hung around to not only showcase but decorate the space. To keep things clean, consider laying down an old sheet or tarp to catch any messes or spills.

fort ideas for big kids

fort ideas for big kids

Fort Ideas for Big Kids: Make it a Challenge

While the fort ideas your big kids can come up with are endless, it can be also fun to turn to build them into a game. This can include seeing who can decorate their structure the best, who can build a simple fort design the fastest, who can create the largest design, and even who can make one with the most rooms.

fort ideas for big kids

Not only does this provide an opportunity to compete, but it also provides a chance to show good sportsmanship. This also stimulates problem-solving, critical thinking, and even a chance to grown and learn from competitors. For added incentive, throw in a reward for the winner. It could be something as simple as making their favorite meal to buying their favorite candy bar the next time you’re out.

fort ideas for big kids

fort ideas for big kids

Helping Kids Develop

While you may be looking to invest in a fort building kit just for the entertainment value, it’s important to note all of the development and growth that can come from participating in this activity:

fort ideas for big kids

1. Developing STEM Skills

Coming up with designs, building, and navigating problems are all important ways to develop STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills. These have proven to not only be useful for school, but also the workplace, and serve children well into adulthood.

2. Encouraging Creativity

Fort-building also provides a great opportunity to use their creativity and imagination. While this can be helpful when it comes to solving problems, it is also a great way to relieve stress from everyday life.

fort ideas for big kids

fort ideas for big kids

3. Fostering Social Skills

This activity is also a great time to work with siblings and friends. Doing so helps to develop communication and provides training in working with others towards a common goal.

4. Promoting Family Time

Lastly, it’s a great project for the whole family to get involved in. It provides an opportunity to learn from one another and spend time together apart from the hustle and bustle of life. Open communication can occur and most importantly, your kids will feel valued as you devote time to them.

fort ideas for big kids

We hope you enjoyed these fort ideas for your big kids! Remember, there are endless possibilities for your children to have a blast with our kits. We can’t wait to see what you’re family comes up with.

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fort ideas for big kids

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