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A cozy fort and an anticipated book make a good pair. Both offer an escape into another world in which children explore and dream without limits. Discovering the possibilities of who they might become opens children’s imaginations and future potential. As it turns out, this dynamic duo of books and forts offers so much more to kids and parents. Let’s consider how these childhood staples, books, and forts, meld into easy learning experiences that pique a kid’s interest in reading and hold it for a lifetime. Learning is easy with fun reading fort ideas for kids!

reading fortFort Library

A child left to explore the library stacks gets lost amid stories and adventures. As they weave through the aisles of shelves, all of the wild things, pirates, sports heroes, and middle school antics come to life. As they step into the pages, children learn about far-off worlds, undersea treasures, and their power to change the world. All of these tales lead to daydreams, expressive vocabulary, logical thinking, and more. Consider recreating this experience in your home.

One of our reading fort ideas is to have your child construct a Fort Magic library. The design is left purely to your family’s imagination. It can take on the shape of a stately brick library or a contemporary build. The wall coverings can mimic traditional brick or retain a tent-like appearance. Then gather books from home or the library to fill the fort. Remember to include some favorites and some previously unread tomes. Mix the genres and themes, or keep topics similar and switch up titles occasionally.

reading fortBook Exchange

For the avid child reader, finding valuable, entertaining reading resources can be a difficult task for parents. As children consume book after book, there comes a point where the other activities of life hinder a parent from keeping up with what a child is reading. A fort book exchange helps solve this issue. The book-exchange fort takes on the size and design that works best for your family. Enlisting the help of other parents, stock the fort with quality reads. No, you may not have time to individually read everything from “Magic Tree House” to “The Hunger Games,” but as a group of parents, you may be able to get it done.

Divide and conquer works to lighten the load and ensure your children are reading quality books. The fort provides a place for children to return a book and take another. Yes, it is a bit like a library, only this one comes with recommendations from parents who have done their reading. Plus, kids can offer reviews and recommendations as well. For a true sense of exchange, a small group of kids can set up their own smaller forts with books they have read. Then, plan a swap party. Kids get new reads, parents save money and everyone is happy.

reading fortBook Club

Ready for another one of our fort making ideas? Forts offer the perfect venue for hosting a neighborhood book club. The fort design can reflect this month’s read. For instance, the “Magic Tree House” series might inspire a treehouse fort. “Nancy Drew” mysteries may call for lights out as children read and discuss by flashlight. Fill in book discussion guides to keep the conversation flowing. Munchies or finger snacks are always a hit. Even the food can be themed to the club’s book choice. Just think of the possibilities as the kids talk about “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or “James and the Giant Peach.”

A love for reading grows when it is shared with others, but that’s not the whole story. Literacy skills, such as fluency and reading with expression, develop inside young minds. Self-esteem, communication skills, vocabulary, and future success grow in your child’s mind as well. Further, this club further promotes social and analytical skills among your child’s peers. The book club fort also easily transforms into a movie theater. After all, watching the coordinating movie when a good read is finished only lengthens the conversation. Grab the popcorn or more themed snacks to watch for the similarities and differences between book and film.

reading fortReading Fort

While these ideas are fun, do not overlook the simplicity of a good, old-fashioned reading fort. Designed by your child’s imagination, the reading fort should accommodate your child and, at least one parent or a reading buddy. Both solo and parent-child reading are important to a child’s educational development. Throw pillows and blankets into the fort to snuggle in for a good read with your child. This boosts the strength of your relationship while creating an emotional connection to the reading material. You also teach your child the basics of how to read a book, alongside the concentration and discipline to do so.

All of these skills foster the art of language and the joy of reading. The fort also becomes a place to interact with a book’s plot and themes. Acting out a character of the book and taking creative license with the story builds on lessons learned in the tale while cementing them in children’s minds. Watch the ways in which your children weave the stories they read into their play, their dreams, and their futures.

reading fortWith all the benefits of reading and forts, what are you waiting for? Grab that Fort Magic fort building kit and get creating! Who knows what stories you will discover?! And you don’t even need the know-how to make a fort with our kit. We take all the guesswork out of building any kind of fort, including a reading fort.

reading fort

How do you make reading more fun and accessible for your children? What role does fort building for kids play and how do you create a great reading fort? Share your ideas below!

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