Magical Fort Hideaways For Kids For Bedtime

Posted December 17, 2018 by Fort Magic

Kids thrive on routine – especially consistent bedtime routines. If you find yourself facing chaos every evening, now is the time to start your own bedtime tradition. Here’s how you can use Fort Magic to make bedtime a little easier:

Start a New Tradition

Studies show that a consistent bedtime routine helps kids go to bed earlier, fall asleep faster, wake less at night, and get more sleep. If sleep is a source of stress and chaos for your family, it could be time to start a new bedtime routine. There’s no better time than now to start your own family traditions!

Here at Fort Magic, we can’t think of a better way to get your kids excited about bedtime than with the lure of a fort. This can be a special time for you and your children to create your own bedtime ritual. You can use one of our fort building kits to create your own magical hideaway and make bedtime easier for everyone.


What Fort Will be Part of Your Ritual?

Of course, the focal point of your new bedtime routine will be your fort hideaway. You can have fun with your kids by helping them decide which fort you want to build together! Choose one of our designs or encourage your kids to come up with their own ideas.

After you decide on your fort design, gather your supplies to build it. Our popular fabric clips make it easy for you to use any material you want. After your magical hideaway is complete, don’t forget to add comfy pillows and cozy blankets to encourage restful sleep. If you’re worried about comfort night after night, consider building a stable, over-the-bed construction.



Necessary Supplies for an Easy Bedtime Routine

After you’re done constructing your new fort, ask your little one what they want to have as part of their new tradition. Get them involved in the decision-making process so they feel like they have ownership in their bedtime. For example, we like to put LED lights in our forts to give it a warm glow to read by and keep out that scary darkness.

Some of our Fort Magic parents like to include essential oils, which are special blends they only diffuse at night to aid in peaceful sleep. Or maybe you want to include a special light snack or a small cup of warm milk or tea? In the end, it doesn’t matter what you come up with – as long as you choose it together, and stick with it so that your kids know what to expect every night.


What Will Your Routine Look Like?

Now, you have to decide what your new family routine will look like. This will be something that you can consistently do most nights. Your new routine needs to be in place at least 5 nights a week in order for your children to get used to having a routine.

Your kids don’t necessarily have to sleep in their fort hideaway; maybe they can have a special night once a week to have a sleepover in their fort. You can hang out in their fort and tell magical stories. Or, you can read 2 or 3 stories to them from their favorite books each night. The possibilities are endless, you just have to decide what works best for your family.


Stop Dreading Bedtime

It might take a few nights to get used to your new routine, but if you stick with it, you’ll start wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. Your kids will be calm and get to sleep faster – no more having a fight every night or your child asking for 4,285 things before bed.

Since you and your child will get more sleep, you will have more energy during the day. Parents whose children have a consistent bedtime routine also have less behavioral problems during the day (such as hyperactivity and attention deficit). With more sleep for everyone and less problems during the day… Why not start your new bedtime ritual tonight?



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