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Posted March 29, 2016 by Fort Magic

Oh, the magic of lights! Do you remember the draw of fireflies at dusk in the summers of your youth? Or, the sweet twinkle of stars as you lay on your back in the spring grass? Why not bring this reminiscence home by creating magical forts with lights? It may be early for fireflies, and March weather may not cooperate with laying in the yard, but your Fort Magic kit can inspire the mood indoors. Grab your kids and try a few of these fun ideas!

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Use those twinkle lights from Christmas to wrap around your Fort Magic fort. Covered with Fort Magic fabric covers, the interior transforms into a magical hideaway for reading or other quiet play. Climb in with your kids to enjoy the lighted fort and spark the magic of conversation.


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The sky lends brilliant inspiration. Find websites detailing constellations. Recreate constellations overhead with strings of lights. If the ceiling is off limits, lay a piece of cardboard on top of your fort. Holes punched in the cardboard let the light poke through from behind. Painting the cardboard like the night sky adds dimension.


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As a kid, a storm brought hopes of a power outage. What better excuse to break out candles and flashlights that fun fort building for kids? While flame throwing candles are not recommended in Fort Magic building, battery-operated (or flameless) candles and flashlights are safe alternatives to revive the memories and inspire the kids.


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Flashlights become headlights on vehicles made with Fort Magic sticks and connectors – perhaps a car, jeep, motorcycle or even an alien spacecraft. Speaking of spaceships, dashboards filled with lights direct all flights. Brainstorm ideas with the kids on creating all those blinking lights and build a control panel. Watch the adventure start to take off!


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When not driving around the house or exploring space, flashlights cast haunting shapes on fabric fort walls for shadow play. Do your kids have a bit more energy to burn? If you are up for the chaos, flashlight tag (with your Fort Magic fort as a secure base) is sure to entertain. Check out other flashlight games to vary the fun.


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Battery-operated lanterns inspire outdoor adventures. Flameless candles and flame-shaped tissue paper combine for a flickering campfire in front of your Fort Magic tent or explorer’s cabin. Hunt the source of sounds throughout the house or solve the mystery of the missing sock. No matter which route you take, don’t forget spooky stories, silly songs and s’mores around that fire. After all, playtime is an important and rejuvenating part of your child’s day!


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