Magical STEAM Fort Building Your Kids Will Love

Posted November 19, 2018 by Fort Magic

What if we told you that you can spend hours of quality, fun time with your kids all while preparing them for a successful future? With one of our Fort Magic building kits, you can build your kids’ confidence levels while making memories with them. Put down the screens and see what creations you can come up with!

What Is STEAM?

You might have heard of STEM studies in school, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Today, there is a push for the Arts to be added to this as well, and for good reason. Studies show that integrating the arts into children’s studies will guide their natural curiosity and creativity and enhance their critical thinking skills. STEAM aims to teach kids about the real world and to prepare them for it.

Kids need that hands-on learning that shows them how to think, create, fail, and learn from failure. In an environment where children are allowed – even encouraged – to fail, they will become adults who are more confident. They will be adults who achieve more because they aren’t afraid of that failure that holds so many back.

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A Creative Way to Spend Time with Your Kids

Most parents would agree that they want to spend more time with their kids. This can be a tough balancing act, because, as an active parent, you don’t want to just sit and watch tv with them. Yet, playing Hotwheels or Polly Pocket for two hours may not be quite what you had in mind for the afternoon.

Luckily, STEAM fort building is one activity that you will love just as much as your kids! It helps you to feel like a kid again and forget all of your adult stresses for awhile.

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After you’re done building your fort is when you can finally grab the laptop, a bowl of popcorn, and watch that new movie the kids have been wanting to see, right there in your fort. Or, stock your fort with boardgames and snacks and play Monopoly to your heart’s content. There is just something magical about forts that makes everything more fun, especially knowing the kids used STEAM skills to get the end result.

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There is No Wrong Way to Build a Fort

Your children will be encouraged  when it comes to building with Fort Magic because there is absolutely no wrong way when it comes to fort building! Your children can sit down and sketch out their idea, then get to work building it.  Or, they can get to work without any plans and just start putting the pieces together.

One of the best parts of our fort building kits is that you can easily twist and pull pieces off if you don’t like the way your fort is shaping up. Our easy-to-use fort system encourages children to just jump in and start building. This is the kind of activity that will build their confidence and get the creativity flowing.


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Encourage Hands-On Learning

One of the biggest parts of the STEAM learning model is hands-on learning. We can’t think of a more creative way to learn by experience than with fort building.

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For example, let’s say the kids want to learn more about Ancient Egyptians. You can go to the library and get books on pyramids, mummies, and their lifestyle to find out more about how the Ancient Egyptians lived. Then, you can use your Fort Magic building kit to construct a simple pyramid design.

Cover your fort with old, white bed sheets and then use paints to write your names in hieroglyphs. You could also paint your fort with other paintings that may be found inside an ancient tomb. After your fort dries, you can hang out in your new fort pyramid and discuss how differently people lived thousands of years ago. With Fort Magic, chances to use STEAM learning really are endless!

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