How to Make a Balloon Fort DIY Party Tent

Posted February 12, 2016 by Fort Magic

If you’re hosting a party for your kids, one of the most fun and innovative ways to ensure that they have a good time is to work with them to build a balloon fort in the form of a tent for your party. An added bonus is that they’ll learn about skills such as teamwork and organization without even knowing it! Party tents are a great way to organize the guests in one room while simultaneously decorating for the party. It is also a great way to involve your kids in the process of getting ready for a birthday or a sleepover. Follow these simple steps to make your own balloon fort DIY party tent.


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Your first step is to create a frame. To make the process of creating a tent easier, use a frame such as one offered by Fort Magic. A frame helps to make the design you create more stable so it will not collapse from the impact of your rowdy party-goers! Furthermore, frames include all of the supporting materials you need so that you can focus more of your attention on the materials you use, the process of decorating, and the other aspects of preparing for a party.


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Now you’re ready to use covering materials. Look for fabrics that contain the right textures. Searching around at a craft store is always a fun adventure. You can get also creative with this. For example, find fabrics in colors that match the themes of your party, or ones with cartoon characters on them for your kids to enjoy. Drape the covering over your party tent frame and secure it in the correct places, ensuring that it stays on tightly. It should form a tent overhead and still have flaps to form a door. Add balloons to make it a true balloon fort, tying them up from the tent poles and forming columns along the sides by stringing them together. Everyone will notice the party balloons right away!


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Take this opportunity to create a teachable moment. Throughout the process, work with your kids to teach them important lessons of creativity, teamwork, and organization. If they are old enough, let your kids take charge of the building process and the fabric selection. By allowing them to take the project in the direction they want it to go, they can exercise their creative muscles and think of something totally unique. Your kids might even discover the artist within and make it a lifelong goal! They will learn about teamwork from working together to build the design and testing it out to make sure it stands. Plus, they will practice organization by reading the project instructions and assembling the pieces in order.


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Now that you’ve built your own balloon fort and party tent, everyone is ready to have a great time. Add to the fun by tossing a bunch of balloons inside your fort. Bouncing around always makes a kids’ party even better! Plus, your kids will always remember creating their own party place where everyone had lots of fun.




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