Maker Play Brings Magic To The Holidays With Forts!

Posted November 21, 2018 by Fort Magic

  During the holiday season, there is a lot going on. Between family gatherings and festive activities sometimes some of the “magic” gets lost in the mix, but Fort Magic can help. With Fort Magic, kids can bring the magic of the holidays with hands-on fort building for a great maker play experience. Magical Forts With Lights 1

What is Maker Play?  

Kids have great imaginations that can take them anywhere. They can use a simple cardboard box and make it into a secret hideout or that same box can be a rocket ship. Anything can be made into anything their minds come up with. “Maker play” is a way for kids to learn through play and imagination using problem-solving skills, creativity, and teamwork with what is available. Using Fort Magic to build forts and other fun things is a great way for kids to show their maker play skills. Magical Forts With Lights 2

How Is Fort Building Educational?

Daily we have to use skills such as problem-solving, coming up with creative ideas, and working as a team. This is also true when it comes to our kid's lives. Fort building with Fort Magic uses these skills with play in mind to teach and reinforce these skills. When building forts, kids must come up with a design and create it with the pieces and parts they are given. They must work together as a team to figure out how each part will fit and make the design they want. Through this process of playing, they are continuing their education for the future in a fun way.

Magical Forts With Lights 4

Start Out With Something Simple

Maker Play uses what is available around you to create something new. When you first introduce your kids to this type of play, start out with something simple for them to build. This way they won't get discouraged. Ask your kids to use their Fort Magic kit to make something small that reminds them of the holidays. If your kids need help, give them a few ideas to get them started. A few simple ideas are a toy store or a Christmas tree lot. Once they get more comfortable and confident, they can work on creating more extravagant forts. Magical Forts With Lights 5

Add Colorful Lights and Festive Music

I don’t know about you but when I think of the holiday’s, music and colorful lights pop in my head. After your kids have worked hard creating and building their fort, work together to add a few strands of lights in and around the fort. Don’t forget to turn on the radio and tune to some holiday music. This will instantly add holiday magic and make it something they will always remember. There is nothing more magical than to see all the glow and sparkle of lights and a good holiday tune. Magical Forts With Lights 6

Give A Challenge

After your kids have created and tinkered a while with their Magic Fort kit, give them a challenge to really put their skills to the test. Provide them with other materials such as blankets, holiday lights, and garland to really add more fun and magical aspects to their fort. You will be amazed at what their little imaginations will come up with and how much they will learn being makers. Magical Forts With Lights 7 Building forts with Fort Magic help to bring holiday magic through maker play. Your kids will love how much fun they will have working together and creating something they are proud of. You will love the great educational skills they are using during this time. If your kids do not have a Fort Magic Kit of their own, now is a great time to get one for them for hours of fun educational play. Photo Credits: Play At Home Mom Blog:  This super-amazing blog is definitely one of our favorites.  Loaded with fun ideas for DIY playtime, with an always-present educational spin. Fort Magic Customer Photos via Facebook:  Visit our Fort Magic Facebook page to see our customer creativity shine with fun pics and videos of families enjoying their Fort Magic kit during playtime. Fort Magic Customer Photos via Instagram:  Visit our Fort Magic Instagram page to see our customer creativity shine with fun pics and videos of families enjoying their Fort Magic kit during playtime.