Meet Laura Park! Our Fort Magic Web Illustration Artist!

Posted March 21, 2013 by Fort Magic

Laura Park Fort Magic Illustrator

We are so excited to introduce Laura Park to everyone!
She is Fort Magic’s home page web illustration artist!


Fort Magic Illustration


We think she did an amazing job bringing our Fort Magic world to life!  We just love all of the fun, creative details Laura added to the drawing!

Laura Park is a true animal lover!  There are many adorable critters playing amongst our children and forts in this little world!  Can you find some of them in the illustration above?

Laura Park also illustrates other books for kids!


Laura Park Illustrations 2

Laura illustrated the hilarious children’s series, “Middle School, The Worst Years Of My Life.” by James Patterson.  If your children haven’t read these yet you may like to check them out!  They are a real hit with the kids!

Laura’s illustrations are very funny and sympathetic to the trials of middle school life!  She is great at creating humorous details in her drawings that are loads of fun to enjoy!


Laura Park Illustrations 1

Laura Park has illustrated other books and projects. You can see them on Amazon or on Laura Park’s website. 

We feel very lucky to have such a wonderful artist working with Fort Magic!

Thank you Laura!