Modern Parents Messy Kids Lists Fort Magic As A Favorite Indoor Toy!

Posted February 28, 2013 by Fort Magic

Hi Fort Magic friends!
Modern Parents Messy Kids lists Fort Magic as one of their favorite indoor toys!
Thank you Modern Parents Messy Kids! We are so happy your family loves building our forts!

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Fort Magic Best Indoor Toy For Kids 2

“I can see why Fort  Magic gets such stellar reviews on Amazon.  I was amazed to see how both C (4 yrs old) and S (2 yrs old) were able to build structures several times larger than they are completely independently. The kit is actually intended to build a whole slew of impressive structures ranging from bonafide “forts” to submarines and cars.  There’s an instruction book that shows you how to assemble the frames and then you add your own sheets/fabric to finish it off.

So far we haven’t even bothered with the sheets. The kids love building stuff even without them (they especially love one-on-one time building with Daddy).  What I really dig is that most of the time they use it to create completely unique structures of their own design (you know how much I covet open-ended play).

Finally, the biggest bonus, is that this set is perfect for play dates.  Last week we had two four-year-olds and two two-year-olds here and they all had a blast working together on it while my friend and I actually got a chance to chat – how often does that happen when you get four kids under the age of four together?”
Modern Parents Messy Kids, Mom, Stephanie 

Your son has built a wonderful submarine & fort!  It looks like you all were having a lot of fun together!  We just love this!

Thank you so much for writing about us.  We love your articles and are proud to be part of your Modern Parents Messy Kids blog family!

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