National Forgiveness Day: How Fort Building Helps a Child's Relationships

Posted June 26, 2017 by Fort Magic

We live in a conflicted world, which we might think children overlook. But they have battles of their own that should be acknowledged. Adults have resources to help with conflict. And children look to us to help them with theirs. Building forts with a Fort Magic kit is a resource for kids to resolve and repair their feelings. Working on a project that they enjoy can help instill positive feelings, making it easier to forgive any offense. If your child is having a hard time with someone, building a fort can provide common ground for them to work things out. All it takes is a little preparation and the right words. As we celebrate National Forgiveness Day on June 26, let’s see how building forts benefit children in building relationships and something they like!

national forgiveness day

Forgiveness Day Facts

Propelled by global conflict, multiple forgiveness days are observed worldwide. Participants have noted forgiveness as an important step in the healing process. June 26 is National Forgiveness Day. And today is a great time for kids dealing with anger and negativity to resolve their feelings. This releases the weight that comes with carrying hurt and anger. Summer offers personal time for reflection and time to repair relationships. It’s hard to be bored when you are rebuilding and creating yourself by letting go of pain and sadness.

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Benefits of Fort Building

Outside play used to be the only option during the summer. Now, with electronic devices, children spend less time developing core skills. According to experts, fort building can rectify this development. Consider the other benefits of building forts for children.

Builds Independence

Control is a basic childhood process. Choosing clothes, hobbies, and chores give children experience and a sense of identity. Forts offer choice in style, material, location, etc. Kids practice these skills when they are in control of the decisions and the building process required by forts. The Waldorf School of Philadelphia said the following about the importance of forts to child development “The benefits to the children are clear- stronger sense of self and community, belief in one’s own abilities to construct, adapt, and demolish, the chance to identify and satisfy one’s own social, material, and spatial needs.” And with independence comes greater confidence.

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Builds Creativity

Limited materials can spur creative powers. Using what they have on hand encourages kids to think outside of the box. Forts don’t have to be permanent. And forts offer the variety that prevents boredom. Imagination and self-entertainment are crucial to childhood development and are the primary elements of fort building. And on National Forgiveness Day, help kids discover how working together can boost creativity and generate fantastic ideas!

Builds Relationships

Forts can be hard to build alone. Older siblings, parents, and friends are great participants in the fort building process. After letting go of hard feelings, this is a significant step towards rebuilding a relationship. Working together to accomplish a common purpose can increase goodwill among members, keeping in mind that everyone has a good time is the goal. Plus, teamwork teaches kids how to resolve indifferences and work together for a common goal. Few people will focus on conflict when they see the impressive results of their hard work.

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Builds Critical Thinking

Because of their diversity, forts require a great deal of problem-solving and critical thinking. Depending on materials and location, projects can range from an easy blanket fort in a bedroom to a fort outside, built from sticks and leaves. Encouraging kids to use what they have can present difficulties that add enjoyment. And if indifferences arrive, it is a golden opportunity to teach kids the value of saying “I’m sorry,” on National Forgiveness Day – as well as teaching them how to accept an apology.


Allowing kids time and space to create their forts is necessary, however offering to help and support can increase the success of the project. It also gives your child a sense of involvement, a feeling that you care about them without discouraging their independence.

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Many of the forts we remember were simple blanket and pillow forts. The Internet has expanded our options, making kits and supplies available, like those offered by Fort Magic. If your kids are spontaneous, having materials and allowing kids to use them is important to encourage the process. Many times this can be basic stuff found around the house. Cardboard, duct tape, and other household items are popular. Let kids use their imagination and help keep them safe by giving them items that they can work with.

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Introduce your child to forts early on with something as simple as pillows propped in the middle of the room. Give them space to experiment. Older kids can do this outside or in the garage. However, younger children may need space in the living room or bedroom.

Forgiveness Day 6

June 26 can be the start of something good that goes with them into the future. Anytime kids can use fort building as a way to help relationships, release stress and rebuild connections. How will you use National Forgiveness Day to teach your children the joy of forgiving? Consider fort building to mend bridges and share your ideas with us below!

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