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Posted June 21, 2017 by Fort Magic

From birth, kids buzz like planes and vroom like motorcycles. Eventually, their feet speed faster than a race car. And, with arms stretched wide they soar like planes. No locomotive compares to the path they leave. Looking to channel those wild rides into a creative pursuit? Nothing fits the occasion better than Fort Magic transportation indoor forts for kids.

With a wide variety of creative options, your children become the masters of their journeys as they set their course of play. The options prove endless for fort builds when creating vehicles on the move. Likely, your children will take off, minds overflowing with possibilities. But, just in case boredom clouds their brains, let’s get started with a few creative project ideas to fuel the imagination. Ready … set ….

indoor forts forts for kids


Many a child longs to fly the heavens. Dreaming of Superman soaring over the city, plane forts bring this fantasy into reality. Constructing a plane fort and surrounding it with white-cased pillows (or, tufts of cotton batting for the brave) takes kids to the skies.

Find books such as Usborne’s Look Inside the Airport for more learning. Read about Amelia Earhart or the Wright Brothers. Or, teach your children the age-old craft of paper airplanes. In any case, family time spent in a plane fort creates enduring memories.

Boat Fort 1


WooWoo! All aboard! Lay a track of pool noodles and build your locomotive fort set to pass through the mountains and valleys of unknown lands. An engineer’s cap keeps your young driver chugging along. And, overalls with a handkerchief around his or her neck complete the picture.

To take a locomotive fort to an innovative level, hands-on, safe science experiments come alive in a train fort. Experiment with Fizzy Engine Baking Soda and Vinegar Trains or Train Themes Discovery Bottles. The wonder is sure to light up eyes young and old.

Boat Fort 2


Pick up trucks haul goods around the farm. Race cars speed on the track to victory. A family automobile finds vacation adventures. The possibilities are endless with car forts.

Maps of your town, state or the entire county get kids plotting and navigating their journeys. Automobile forts fuel opportunities to teach map skills and directions. Who knows, maybe your next family vacation idea will arise from the car in your living room!

Boat Fort 3


Watching older siblings climb tall bus stairs daily inspires preschoolers to wonder what happens on the other side of that hinged door. Building a bus fort lets them live out their imaginings by playing school, taking field trips or creating their own Magic School Bus ventures.

Songs make every child-filled bus ride more fun. So, teach your children The Wheels on the Bus or other familiar childhood diddies. Or, make up your own tunes about what happens on the bumpy bus journey.

Boat Fort 4


Don a chauffeur’s cap and take your kids on a magical tour of the Hollywood lights or the famed streets of New York City. Dress like stars, and smile at the crowds while signing autographs for fans. Be sure to create plenty of photo opps.

For more excitement, create a movie set, and leave an iPad or video camera rolling as the kid-directed action unfolds. Today’s technology makes this imaginative play easier than ever. Click here to check out fun apps for kids to create their own videos.

Boat Fort 5


Row boats, fishing charters, cruise and pirate ships sail the seas of laughter with a hearty “arghhh!” Choosing the boat to build may be the hardest part of the day. Or, kids can pick a new type of boat escapade each day of the week.

Add fishing games even more giggles. While Go Fish is a favorite standby, think outside the boat with magnetic fishing poles and bean bag fish games. You may even find yourself brave enough to throw in a kiddie pool with water in it.

Boat Fort 6


Dive into the deep sea to explore marine life on a whole new level. Submarine forts birth full-color imaginations and endless hours of adventure. Add snorkels and flippers for divers to navigate cool, dark waters.

Or, turn the sub interior into a sea life art center. Grab plenty of brightly colored supplies and help the kids create fish and an octopus or two. And, fantasy allows a mermaid to populate the surrounding ocean as well.

Roller Coasters

Amusement park thrills need not end when the day is over. Young engineers get to work building their own coaster designs at home with a Fort Magic kit and their resourcefulness. Twists and turns, ferris wheels and more built from memory or imagination rule the day.

Of course, straws and ping pong balls bring roller coaster designs to a more manageable level for younger designers. Creating a coaster design studio fort keeps works of art hidden until the big reveal. And, no matter the materials, STEM skills flourish along with creativity and problem-solving skills.

And, now all you need to do is … Go! And share your indoor and transportation fort ideas with us below!


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