Paper Decoration DIY Ideas For Your Fort

Posted March 24, 2016 by Fort Magic

Cool winter weather can be an indoor challenge for any active family.  Stir-crazy kids, long weekends and a want for something other than a movie to spend your family together proves just the fertile ground for a little fort building fun!  What a perfect time of year to grab the Fort Magic kit and begin creating! (For inspiring fort ideas, check out Fort Magic customer photos.) Let’s spruce up your project with the following paper decoration DIY ideas for your fort.


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With spring just around the corner, designing a colorful indoor paper garden fort can be magically enchanting!  You can draw, paint and craft paper flowers to grow in your lovely fort garden for all to see and enjoy.  Using 24″ craft paper rolls works the best for Fort Magic Paper Forts and it is the perfect size for easily covering your Fort Magic designs! You could also use old book pages, music scores, tissue paper or crepe paper for unique and colorful displays. Pipe cleaners and straws morph into stems, and beauty is in bloom with these paper decoration ideas.


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Paper coffee filters make beautiful white flowers. For a vibrant option, have your kids decorate them with a marker, then plop water droplets over them. Watch the colors run into a magnificent watercolor palette. Pinch the newly stained coffee filters between a clothespin, top with antennae, and a butterfly is born.


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Paper piles gather as long winter days wind on. Now is the perfect time to put those papers to use! Think old school decoration ideas. Remember the days of paper chains? Teach your kids to create long chains that can be looped and woven over Fort Magic sticks.  The creative possibilities with craft paper are endless!


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Speaking of ancient traditions, origami is not a lost art. Busy little hands and engage minds with this time-honored craft. Birds, frogs, fireflies and butterflies come alive in this 3D form. What a fun addition to that spring flower garden your kids just grew on the south side of the Fort Magic creation.


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For rainy day or night play, stars made from glow-in-the-dark paper twinkle as they dangle overhead from Fort Magic sticks. For a braver parent, stars can be put on the ceiling to be viewed from a skylight in a newly built observatory. Stars create all kinds of magic.


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Paper lanterns, store-bought and decorated or crafted at home, can be strung around the fort or used to find a path in the dark of night. Just add battery-operated tea lights for a soft glow. String the lanterns throughout the room or on the Fort Magic creation, add energetic music, and you have just set the mood for a festive party. Kid-concocted snacks and juice boxes turn up the entertainment.


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Spring inspires activity and energy abounds. Remember the draw of spring and sunny days when you were a kid. Take advantage of this inspiration to craft and create with your children.


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