Play Scarf Activities and Fun Fort Ideas For Kids

Posted June 20, 2018 by Fort Magic

Often simple items found around the house are the best toys for kids. For example, kids have been drawn to playing with colorful scarves for generations. And there are countless scarf activities and fort building ideas that celebrate the creativity of childhood. And kids are learning while they have fun!

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Scarf Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Scarf activities start with babies. A colorful scarf moved back and forth develops eye coordination. Scarf peek-a-boo helps babies develop scientific reasoning. As babies grow into toddlers, there are many fun scarf games that also help them learn and grow. Try scarf tug-of-war in a fort built for athletic competition. Build a castle for where kids dance gleefully with scarfs, pretending they are members of the royal court. Or put a baby doll in a scarf sling at a fort built to be a daycare center or kindergarten. And all it takes is plenty of scarfs and a Fort Magic kit!


A Dress Up Fort

Start by having the kids plan a fashion-forward fort. Will it be a fashion show platform or a posh boutique? Maybe it will be a castle or walk-in closet. Once they build a fort, they are ready for fashionable fun! Add plenty of silk scarves to pique their imaginations. Scarves can be transformed into skirts, headwear, capes, and other accessories. Have a fashion show and invite their friends to watch – or participate!


A Healthcare Fort

Teach kids about compassion and careers by building a medical fort. The building can be a doctor’s office, hospital, child care facility or clinic. And scarves become beds and blankets for dolls that don’t feel good. Kids make-believe they need medical assistance by turning scarves into slings. All of these activities may inspire a future doctor or nurse!


Decorating a Fort with Scarves

There are countless ways to decorate a fort with scarves. Use Fort Magic sticks and clips to make a roof of colorful scarves. Lay down scarves as a floor, carpet or lounging blankets inside the fort. Scarves are also fantastic decorations. Turn them into party streamers or hang them on the walls of the fort for a splash of cheerful color!


Dance, Sing and Play with Scarves

Music, laughter, and joy – that’s what being a child is all about! Build a fort for parties, dance classes, and music lessons. Then just add scarves and watch the good times happen! Dancing with scarves encourages freedom of thought and celebration of rhythm. Dressing up with scarves transforms kids into their favorite singers. And the fort is a central zone for everything musical! Make sure to add drums and tambourines to make music.


Scarves and fort building have been favorite activities for kids for centuries. Sometimes the most productive and memorable play comes from the simplest items. The more basic the play materials, the more likely kids will express themselves to make them uniquely their own. How do you use scarves and fort building to inspire your kids’ creative sides? Share your ideas with us below!




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