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Posted February 21, 2016 by Fort Magic

Creativity sparks the imagination, and the imagination ignites endless possibilities when you’re a kid. You can be a warrior fighting a dragon one minute and a deep sea diver fighting off a shark the next minute. Adding a fort playhouse to these activities takes kids’ creativity and imagination to a whole new level. Let these artistic playhouse fort ideas make your creative juices start flowing. What follows next will form memories you and your kids will remember for a lifetime.


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As your children begin to work on their fort, allow them to make the artistic decisions on how the fort design will form. They can decide how the fort will take shape by selecting its height, length and width measurements. Take those creative decisions and use the Fort Magic sticks and connectors to bring their creativity to reality. Let the kids’ playhouse plans come together on their own.


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Once you’ve built the fort, it is time to let their artistic imaginations run wild. Prepare to watch your kids add personal touches to the exterior and interior walls of the kids’ playhouse fort. Let the kids pick several pieces of artwork that they want to place on display. Work together to create an exterior wall using these artwork pieces as a blanket covering.


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Another artistic option for the exterior walls is to use old sheets as a fabric covering over the stick foundation. Now turn the kids loose with paints, markers, fabric crayons or anything else they wish to use in order to create designs on the fabric. When they finish, take a moment to ask about the story behind their design. Your fascination will soon begin to form as you see the creative process stir excitement in your kids as their indoor playhouse takes on it own unique design.


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For the interior walls, let the kids break out the finger paints and make hand prints. They can even take things one creative step further by turning these hand prints into drawings by adding faces, hats or other elements to them. As a finishing personal touch, have everyone sign their names mirroring how builders leave their signature mark on the buildings they create.


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Kids tend to spend excessive amounts of time in front of television screens or electronic devices. Bringing the family together for some fort building time works to combat these extended periods of inactivity. In addition to stirring artistic inspiration, building a fort helps kids learn how to plan and solve problems, work together as a team, and even builds physical endurance. Plus they learn how to compromise and succeed in accomplishing their project.


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The best part about these beneficial aspects of building a fort comes from knowing that your kids are learning valuable life skills without even realizing it – making this a parenting win!


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