“The amount of pretend play in our house has always been pretty healthy, but it’s been taken to a whole new level with the arrival of Fort Magic!”
“The kids learned so much! They learned how geometric shapes are made – how to create and manipulate shapes – to look at the diagram – to communicate with each other – negotiate roles … we love this kit!”
“My kiddos had an absolute blast playing with the Fort Magic Kit. They just can’t get enough!”
“We were first introduced to this super-fun engineering kit for kids over a year ago, and our fort-building is still going strong!”
“When our kit arrived we were excited to start building! There was fun, laughter, motor skills, language and colour skills. We talked shapes, patterns, length, measurement and angles. We were learning with play at home!”

“Fort Magic really is the toy with endless possibilities! We can’t say enough good things about this product. Math skills … independence and empowering … full of awesome!”

“Fort Magic is the ultimate fort building kit. There was so much learning going on as they built! It’s like building blocks, but on a much grander scale!”

“The girls are having such a blast with Fort Magic! And I’m not going to lie, I’ve had just as much fun helping them build their creations!”

“Our families unanimously agree that “Fort Magic” is the ultimate in fort building, the ultimate in construction toys, the ultimate in play adventures and imagination!”

“Fort Magic is AWESOME and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of it. This is one of those things that will last through your kid’s entire childhood and beyond if you care for it appropriately. You can create anything you can dream up!”

“Fort Magic is our new favorite toy! My daughters have been playing DAILY for the past two weeks!”

“Fort Magic is great because it ignites children’s imaginations for hours of creative play!”

“Fort Magic is truly passionate about combining creativity and learning while having tons of fun!”

“The possibilities are endless! This is more than just a playtime toy. It can extend learning and engage your children year round! The stimulation, imagination, coordination, and EDUCATION your homeschooler will receive from Fort Magic CANNOT be taught via a worksheet.”

“Fort Magic is a fun toy that our family will be enjoying for years to come! My kids had a blast crawling through the tunnel and in and out of the forts! The possibilities for building with Fort Magic are endless.”

“I love toys that foster my children’s imagination and create a unique learning experience. We have literally spent hours designing, building and playing with the creations they have built! Fort Magic gets the kids brains going!”

“With Fort Magic the possibilities are endless! It is so much fun and provides children with hours of (unplugged) entertainment!”

“All three of my children unanimously agreed that Fort Magic is their “favorite toy ever” and this is the first time I have ever heard this declaration from them about any toy!”

“Of all the things I’ve reviewed in the past few years, this is definitely one of my very, very favorites. You and your kids will LOVE Fort Magic!”

“We set up Fort Magic and then the kids played for, no joke, HOURS. T.V. or computer time didn’t even cross their minds!”

“One Of Our Favorite Ways To Play Inside!”

“Endless Creations! Fort Magic is SOOO cool! My son has made endless creations…by himself and with his friends! Sunshine slept in his bed tent for 2 weeks!”

Sunshine’s Mom

“If Your Kids Are Into Fort Building This Is The Kit For You! Customers who purchased this fort building kit were extremely happy with their purchase. Kids never lose interest with this toy because there are so many pieces to make a huge variety of forts. Well engineered, durable and played with daily.”

“Fort Magic allows kids’ imaginations to run free! This fort building kit allows kids to build a variety of structures that can fit into a make believe world they create all on their own!”

“Fort Magic loves to say you can “Build a Fort as BIG as Your Imagination” and that couldn’t be a more true statement. I had a blast building with my son! This is a toy I want in my house for years to come!”

“Fort Magic encourages imagination as well as the discipline to plan and complete a project from start to finish, and have extraordinary fun while doing so! You could see the wheels turning in their heads…their projects were 100% kid made!”

“We’ve had Fort Magic for months and Jane has not become bored with it, which is surprising, because the only other things Jane doesn’t get bored with is watching TV and using a computer.”

Mark Frauenfelder,