Pretty Stained Glass Fort Ideas Bring Color to Playtime

Posted August 7, 2018 by Fort Magic

Color, texture, and history are all ways to get kids exciting about playtime – and learning! Stained glass brings all of these elements into fort building with the kids. Check out some pretty stained glass fort ideas that are sure to inspire everyone to build something amazing!

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A Quick History Lesson

Stained glass is a beautiful feature found in older buildings, homes, and places of worship. As you plan a stained glass for with the kids, remember to mention its history. The use of stained glass dates back to the 7th century and earlier. In the United States, glass making was the first industry established in the 1600s. And today, stained glass is an art form!

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Fantastic Fort Ideas

Do your kids want an outdoor room with stained glass walls? It’s a perfect place to plant some flowers in containers. Maybe they want to build a castle with stained glass windows – and one of them can open for Rapunzel to let down her hair! Or the kids might decide to build a chapel fort where they can review lessons for their chosen house of worship. And what about an art fort with stained glass and painted walls? Let your kids build whatever they can imagine! All it takes is a Fort Magic kit and lots of creative energy.

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Making Stained Glass for the Fort

There are countless ways to make kid-friendly stained glass for the fort. Use cellphone in a rainbow of colors to make stained glass walls and windows. Another option is wax paper with bottle caps and paint. Consider using tissue paper with Mod Podge. Or a piece of clear plastic can be decorated with transparent contact paper. Choose your stained glass method based on the kids’ ages and design ideas.

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Adding Stained Glass to the Fort

With a Fort Magic kit, the kids can build frames where the stained glass can be displayed. Cellophane is one of the easiest methods because it can be clipped to the frame the create a stained glass look. The same method can be used with wax paper and tissue paper but you need to be careful with the clips so you don’t rip the “glass.”

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Books for Kids and Stained Glass

Add reading into the joy of building a pretty stained glass fort. For kindergarten and pre-school kids, flip through the book, “I See a Song” by Eric Carle so they can see the colorful designs and get inspired. Kids over the age of 11 might appreciated reading, “Stained Glass,” by Michael Bedard, a unique tale with a touch of mysticism.

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Talk About Color and Light

Stained glass fort building invites discussions about color and light. How much light is needed to shine through the stained glass? What colors are the kids’ favorites and why? Experiment with color combinations, degrees of light, and let kids learn about these basic elements while they have fun!

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And a stained glass fort is the ideal place to make stained glass crafts! Just visit any local craft store to find a variety of stained glass inspired goodies for kids.

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How do you create the ultimate stained glass fort? What materials do you use and where do your kids find inspiration? Share your ideas with us below!

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