Enter a Child’s World of Forts for Quality Family Time

Posted April 30, 2016 by Fort Magic

Busy lives often mean kids wind up being pulled into mom and dad’s activities or being sent off to entertain themselves. May we make a suggestion? Get down on your kids’ level and get involved in their interests. You just may find the perspective refreshing and inspirational. Plus, you will see your children in a whole new light. Fort building represents universal fun in the kingdom of kids. Remember? So, enter a child’s world of forts for quality family time!


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Quality family time eludes most households in this fast-paced culture. Recapture the art of being together by creating the quiet of another world. A fort world provides a space that you and your family can escape to when dollars or minutes are short on supply. No major effort or investment is needed to simply take time out in a fort designed by your family.


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Get your collective imaginative juices flowing and design and build your family getaway. Spend time creating this family oasis with Fort Magic sticks and connectors. Check out Fort Magic photos for inspiration. If you all decide to keep it simple, you can follow along with the guidance provided. Or you can all decide to build a fort as unique as your own family!


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Everyone can work together or assume their own role in the construction of your family fort. For example, one family member can listen to ideas from everyone and draw a picture of what the fort should look like when it is done. Another can assemble the materials and other family members can do the building. Soon a fort will be standing where you can all gather for a great time.


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Are you wondering what to do once your hideaway is created? Take turns reading from your child’s favorite book or share with them one of yours. Mom, dad. and siblings can even voice different characters to bring stories and laughter to life. Consider putting on an informal play and using props to bring it to life. Paper crowns with glitter can transform family members into royalty!


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Even more fun for kids than storybooks are the tales of their younger years or funny stories from yours. Share anecdotes, reminisce and tell stories of what each of you can remember from your lives together. Or, look into the future and create a family bucket list. With bright-colored crayons and paper, list the things your family would love to do together. Be sure that every family member has a voice and commit to checking items off.


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Get out the family photo album to help everyone remember the happiest times you spend together. Chat about the hairstyles you had years ago or the exciting adventures you experienced during a family camp trip. Sharing these memories helps to bring everyone closer together.


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Need to get moving? Be sure to enter into the imagination of your child whether you are building a community of tepees, castle turrets or boats on the high seas. Joining the make-believe of sword fights and princess rescues, if even for a short time, makes kids feel valued and inspired. Add kid-friendly rough and tumble wrestling, running, and tickle monsters and your connection as a family certainly will grow.


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Do you long to create something together? All it takes is some paper, crayons, glue, and plenty of imagination. Assemble some old photos and create a collage of your favorite family members to display with pride. Grab a few coloring books and have a coloring contests. Award points and prizes to for the best, fastest, and funniest coloring pages.


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Does your family enjoy this type of competition? Host a fort-building challenge among family members, the online community or the neighborhood. Friendly competition is a great connector of families and communities. Let’s say that each family works together to create a fort. On the day of the big reveal, provide snacks and drinks to increase the festivity as judges award prizes. This takes your family activities to the next level!


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All of these activities require little more than taking time out and sharing with your family. The fort you all build can become an oasis away from the pressures of daily life. It can be a safe place where you learn more about each other and laugh together. The goal is to get to know your family better and create more memories that last a lifetime.


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Quality family time requires no magic except that of entering into one another’s worlds. Everyone wins because it is a golden opportunity to escape the outside world and express yourselves in the ways you like best. The whole family benefits from this time together. It reduces stress, builds self-esteem, and teaches your kids about the meaning of love. So, there no time better than right now to let your inner child come to life and PLAY!



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