Rainy Day Fort Fun Keeps Kids Happy Indoors

Posted December 14, 2015 by Fort Magic

Since the beginning of time, rainy days have been tough on kids and parents alike. It’s hard to be cooped up in the house with seemingly nothing to do. Dr. Seuss, in his infinite wisdom, even wrote a story about it. But, being stuck in the house all day does not have to be a bummer. Rainy day fort fun keeps kids happy indoors, along with a variety of other family-friendly activities. Here are some great ideas for the next time you’re stuck inside on a cold, cold, wet day.


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Treasures don’t need to be confined to the outdoors; plenty of them can be found indoors, too. Find some interesting objects for the kids to find and hide them around the house. Then, get to work creating clues for the kids to follow. Each clue should either lead to another clue or the ultimate prize. If you don’t have trinkets to hide around the house, hide coins or a “ticket” for a specific outing once the weather clears. Trips to the movies or ice cream parlor are great “treasures” for the kids to hunt.


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A long rainy day is a perfect time for the kids to watch all the movies they have been hoping to see. Pull out your kids’ DVD collection, dust off the covers, and let them choose a few movies to watch. If the titles you have are not really exciting the kids, you can always turn to Netflix to see what they’ve got for you. If your kids aren’t into watching movies, make it a time to binge watch their favorite cartoons. You can make the experience more authentic by popping some popcorn on the stove (none of the yucky microwave stuff). And, grab a bunch of blankets to snuggle under.


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There is no end to the arts and crafts that can be created on a rainy day. If your kids are young, some blank paper and crayons are all you need for some afternoon fun. If you want to get a little more intricate, you can give the kids any number of objects for them to create masterpieces from. Popsicle sticks, play dough, cotton balls, paper bags and plates are all examples of items that can easily be transformed when left to the imagination of a child.


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There’s no way around it; kids love to build stuff. A rainy day provides the perfect opportunity to get going on a spectacular fort. Fort Magic kits have the supplies kids need to make awesome forts and other cool designs. When your kids build forts with Fort Magic, not only will they have hours of fun, it provides a great learning experience, too. Your kids will learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as engage in calculations without it seeming like learning math at all! Not a bad way to spend a rainy day!


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With all of these great activities to try, your kids will never be asking for the rain to go away and come back another day. Instead, they’ll relish the chance to stay indoors and use their time constructively. The next time the sun does not shine, and it’s too cold to play outside, get creative with your kids and try one of these awesome activities.


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