Rainy Day Indoor Fort Building Ideas

Posted June 11, 2023 by Fort Magic

The weather outside is gloomy, you can see the storm clouds rolling in, hear the thunder in the distance, and feel the rain droplets coming down. The kids are already antsy and full of energy. Running around the house, jumping on the furniture, and driving you crazy is not the best idea. You really want them to burn off that energy. Fort Magic’s fort building kits for kids to the rescue. Indoor forts are a great way to pass the time on those rainy days.

kids fort building

Why Fort Magic Building Kits?

When it comes to Fort Magic’s fort building kits, they are loved by educators, adults, and kids. Educators love the learning abilities that our kits offer. Parents love that they are affordable and get the kids involved with learning while having fun. Kids love them because the design possibilities are endless and so is the fun.

Our kits are a 9-time award-winning creative building toy. Each kit contains over 350 pieces that include curved and straight sticks, 5 different connector shapes, 100 fabric clips, and a full-color building manual. Covers for our kits can be made out of common household items or you can purchase them separately on our site.

kids fort building

Rainy Day Kids Fort Building Ideas

When the weather is not cooperating, do not let it ruin the fun your kids can have. Pull out your very own fort building kit, then send the kids on a scavenger hunt for items to build the fort covers with, as well fun things to put in the fort. Ask them to put on their thinking caps, see who can come up with the most useful items, and who can come up with the items that will create the most fun.

Some ideas for fort items can include: old towels, sheets, blankets, scarves, pillows, add a few books, their favorite toys or stuffed animal, a basket of craft ideas, and a basket of snacks. Now they are ready for a full day of planning, building, and playing in their forts.

kids fort building

1. Craft Fort

The first fort you can have the kids build can be a craft fort, after all, they are letting the creative ideas flow when they start designing and building their own fort. Have the kids cover the floor and the fort with white paper or sheets. You can then let the kids draw on the fort with washable paint or markers. After they have decorated the outside of the fort, have them move to the inside.

On the inside, you can add a string with a few clips so they can also display all the artwork they are doing that day. You may want to add a small table and chairs for them to work at. A basket of art supplies, some paper, coloring books, markers, and crayons can complete the space inside the fort. Your kids will have hours of fun creating artwork and crafts. Have them draw new fort ideas to try next and think of ways to cover and decorate the new forts.

2. Reading Nook

When the weather outside is gloomy, we all like to curl up with a good book. You can add some excitement to reading by allowing the kids to make a cozy reading nook. Have the kids gather their favorite blankets, pillows, reading buddies, and books.

You can add a small lamp to make sure they have plenty of light and a snack they can enjoy while reading. Reading is always fun when you have your very own fort to do it in.

kids fort building

3. Movie Time

Rainy days often mean it is time to pull out the movies. Some kids have so much energy you need them to burn off before they can settle down for the movie. Have the kids create a moving watching fort. Give it three sides and a roof. You can have them cover it in darker color sheets and blankets to keep the light out.

Then add your favorite blankets to snuggle up with and a few pillows. Put in some popcorn, a few chip bags, some juice boxes, maybe a few pieces of candy, and let the fun begin. Have the kids agree on a movie if they can, and if not, maybe let them pick turns on what movie goes first. They can then kick back, relax, and enjoy the show. You can even enjoy getting the couch all to yourself for a while.

4. Kids Creations

Kids are always full of ideas. Let them have a fun time building any creative fort they can think of. Have them draw out the design on paper, grab the pieces they think they will need, and come up with a cover idea. See who can build the tallest fort, the biggest fort, the fort with the most sides, or even the most complex fort. Then you can have the kids work together to build a city of forts. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to our kit.

Will they build a spaceship, a palace, maybe a car or truck? Try a submarine and a pirate ship! Rainy days have never been so much fun and so creative!

kids fort building

With all of these fun ideas, the kids will forget all about the nasty weather outside and they may even give you a break. The next time you see the storm clouds rolling in, let the kids get creative and pull out the Fort Magic fort building kit. What will your family create and build next? Let us know in the comments. We love to hear from our customers.

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