Simple Fort Magic DIY Fabric Cover Ideas

Posted January 8, 2021 by Fort Magic

Fort Magic Kits are fun for all ages and bring out the creative side in all of us. One of the best things about our kits is the fact that you can use things found around your home as cover ideas. Simply use the fabric clips included in your kit, attach the item of your choice and let the creativity grow and the imagination runs wild.

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Everyday Household Items Can Be Used With Fort Fabric Clips

The fabric clips included in the Fort Magic Kit are easy to use with many everyday household items. Simply hold the fabric in place and attach the clip by snapping it into place on the stick. Voila! The magic begins!

You can even get the kids involved, hold a fun contest to see who can find the most things to build forts out of, who can get the biggest piece and, who can get the piece with the most colors on it. Search all over the house for items to use in your forts, leave no corner untouched.

With Fort Magic Kits every moment can be a learning opportunity. Except your kids will never realize that playtime is actually learning time also. They will be begging for more play and you will be loving all the new things you are able to teach them.

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1. Tablecloths

Do you have a closet or drawer full of tablecloths you don’t use? Why not turn those into a castle for your princess? Or a hideaway for everyone! Tablecloths with fun festive prints can make everyone laugh while plain ones can leave the fort open for ideas. These are also great to use because they are thick and hide whoever is in the fort.

2. Drop Cloths

Recently do a remodel and paint a room? Save the drop cloths as an awesome fort cover. The size of drop cloths makes them a perfect choice for big creations. Give the kids some washable paint and brushes and let them paint a masterpiece on their new fort walls. Sure to keep them entertained for hours.

3. Curtains

Curtains are perfect for creating forts with. Check your goodwill pile or even ask family members if they any old ones. The size doesn’t matter as you can create walls with them. If you have sheer curtains consider them being magical and add a string of lights to the experience. Kids have a favorite character curtain? Use them to make a special hideout they will love.

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4. Towels

If you are having a hard time finding larger pieces of fabric, check the linen closet for towels. Beach towels are perfect for outside forts. Let the kids play in the pool, dry off, and use their towels for some relaxation in a custom fort. The thicker fabric helps block out the sun and helps create a dark cool fort the kids can spend the afternoon in.

5. Sheets

Almost everyone has extra sets of sheets in their home. The great thing about Fort Magic clips is they won’t damage your fabric. So, you can use old sheets or your spare set and no worries. Crib sheets, twin sheets, queen, or king Doesn’t matter just stretch the fitted or flat pieces and attach the clips and enjoy the laughs that are sure to come. What will you build next?

fort fabric clips

6. Old Clothes

Have a stack of t-shirts you were thinking of throwing out or giving away? Why not let the kids use them on their next adventure. See what places they want to explore. You could also cut the shirts and use a different ne for every panel or you could get extra crafty and sew several together to form longer panels. Will your child find old band tees and recreate a concert? Or maybe some floral prints and have a nice tea party getaway.

7. Scarves

One of the simplest things to use in fort play is scarves. They come in so many textures and colors. You can use them for side panels and doors and they are easy to attach using the fort fabric clips. See who can add the most scarves to the fort and throw the leftover ones inside to encourage more dress up play and fun.

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Why Fort Magic Kits?

Fort Magic kits are fun and easy and seem like the perfect choice for any child. They are great to encourage kids to learn, to play, to share, and to use their imagination. If you are considering Fort Magic Kits for your family you should know some of the benefits that include:

1. Create Endless Options With 1 Kit

When you purchase a Fort Magic Kit be prepared to have hours of fun with just 1 kit. Each kit contains over 350 pieces and a 28 page building manual with over 20 designs. Plus you will receive 100 snap-on fabric clips. Let the fun begin!

2. Fun For All Ages

Our kits are designed to be fun for all ages and easy to use. Simply snap the sticks into the connectors with a simple push and twist motion. The fabric clips are easy to snap into place and remove also. Let everyone in on the building fun. Have one person layout all the needed materials, while one builds and one searches the house for covers. The possibilities and fun are endless.

3. Easy Clean Up

After your kids are worn out from their busy day in the castle or teepee, clean up is easy and fast. Take the fort apart and put the pieces in a small bag. Slide your bag under the bed, in a closet or in the play area. It will be ready for more play and adventures the next day.

Fort Magic Kits are award-winning educational building toys that kids absolutely love. They are endorsed by teachers and parents and are sure to keep your child on their toes. Let the imagination and confidence soar with their very own kit. Before you know it their forts will be more complicated and they will think they can take on the world.

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