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Posted December 17, 2015 by Fort Magic

Every parent’s dream is to find an awesome activity their kids will enjoy that is also educational. Kids often resist the learning process when it is presented in a boring way. But if kids are having fun, a lesson or two can creep into their brains without them ever realizing it. A perfect example of this idea is that kids can start learning shapes with forts. Keep reading to see how it’s done.


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The idea of shapes is something most adults take for granted. However, learning to differentiate shapes is an important part of a child’s cognitive development. Babies have an innate ability to tell the difference between squares, circles, and triangles. The ability to understand the shapes and their properties go deeper than identification. Knowing shapes helps children with the core skills of reading, writing and math. It also helps them understand other signs and symbols, such as numbers and letters, as well.


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One of the best ways for young children to learn about shapes is to play with them. Discovering that round objects roll, rounded edges rock, and flat objects stack, all play into a child’s need to discover cause and effect relationships. As children age, they advance from playing with shaped blocks on the floor to more advanced activities involving shapes such as putting together jigsaw puzzles and even playing Tetris.


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There is no mistaking that learning shapes is crucial to the cognitive development of children. An excellent way for kids to learn the valuable lessons shapes have to offer is by building forts. Forts come in many shapes and sizes. The possibilities of the final product are only limited by a child’s imagination. Regardless of the materials that are used to create a fort, a variety of fun shapes can be used. Often squares or rectangles are used to create walls, and a triangle works perfectly as a sloped roof.


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As your children work through the construction process, they will learn how shapes work together and when they don’t fit exactly together. Both of these relationships are important to know and understand. When young children first begin to build forts, they will need the help of their parents to keep them on the right track. But, before long, they will be able to accomplish the skills independently because the knowledge will have taken root. They will be so proud of their creations!


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If you want to help your kids start learning shapes, a Fort Magic kit can help them get going on the right track. The skills they learn are sure to catapult them to the head of the class!


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