STEAM Castle Fort Building Ideas Every Princess Will Love

Posted February 24, 2019 by Fort Magic

Developing STEAM skills will give your daughter the tools she needs to develop into an empowered young woman. Give her the best possible future by allowing her to see that she can change the world around her. Here’s how you can use Fort Magic to teach STEAM skills and some castle fort building ideas to get you started.

How STEAM Skills Will Empower Young Girls

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics and it’s a way of learning through projects and hands-on activities. Children are given the tools to create something and then allowed to build on their own ideas. With STEAM, it’s about the process and not the end result.

Kids can learn in an encouraging environment so that they learn through trial and error. This allows them to build confidence and feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. You can empower your girls and give them purpose by allowing them to build forts.


You can encourage your little princess to create the castle of her dreams. This will encourage her creativity as she comes up with ideas. You can look online or even get some books from the library for inspiration. We have put together a few of our own ideas for your princess to build a castle fort.


1. Create A Themed Castle

What’s your princess’ favorite princess? You can encourage them to build a castle themed after their favorite princess. For example, if she loves the “Frozen” movie, you can get blue cellophane or play scarves to cover the castle in. You can also string LED lights on the inside to give it that winter glow.

Another idea we love is an underwater Ariel themed castle. You can have so much fun creating all the fun things to go with your Ariel castle, such as fish and shells. Let your princess plan out all the details to make sure she gains that vital experience of the project building.

2. Brainstorm Ideas

What a great way to spend some quality time with your little one. You can take this time to really listen to them and find out what their dream castle looks like. You can even get out some paper and have your little princess design their castle.

Brainstorm ideas together to design a castle worthy of a princess. Don’t forget to think about all the details of what will go inside your castle and what color you want it to be. This is a great opportunity to talk about your little princess and hear her dreams and aspirations.


3. Don’t Forget the Props and Costumes

After you guys are done building the castle fort, it’s time to create your props. This is a fun time to really let the creativity flow. One of our favorite ideas is the Horse & Carriage design. Your princess will feel like royalty in her horse-drawn carriage!

You can also use one of our Fairyland Castles fabric covers to go over your castle fort. It comes with 12 different pieces that can be arranged in a variety of different configurations.

4. Enjoy Movie Night in Your Fort

Once you get your princess themed castle made, enjoy your favorite princess movie in it. Fill up your fort with blankets, fluffy pillows, and anything else to make your fort cozy for movie night. We also think it’s a fun idea to enjoy themed snacks during your movie. If you can’t think of any snacks to go with your movie, you can always enjoy the traditional candy and popcorn.


5. A Princess Needs Tea Time

Every real princess takes Afternoon Tea. You can enjoy this tradition in your princess fort with your princess! Afternoon Tea generally takes place at 4 pm and consist of your favorite tea served along with scones, cakes, clotted cream, and small sandwiches.

You and your princess can prepare for the day by baking your own treats to go along with tea. Set up a small table in the castle or place a blanket on the floor with pillows to sit on. You can also place a table outside of the fort to arrange your treats on.

6. Make Up Your Own Princess Story

Cozy up in your castle with your princess and make up your own princess story. The star can be your own princess and you can include all the whimsical details you want. Imagine lying there with your little princess, dreaming up stories and creating a magical moment.

This can become a new bedtime tradition. Instead of reading stories, you guys can create your own. You can start and your princess can add her own details.


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