Summer Sleepovers To Remember

Posted July 22, 2020 by Fort Magic

Growing up, summer nights were for staying up late, eating sweet treats, and having friends over for exciting sleepovers that many of us remember to this day. As adults, we want to create those same lasting memories for our children and that starts with having activities that are both simple and fun. Fortunately, with Fort Magic’s building kit, your child and his or her friends can have hours of endless entertainment, all while using their imagination and creativity.

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Fort Ideas for Summer Sleepovers

Hosting kids of any age, in your home, can be intimidating. Knowing how to keep everyone happy and entertained can be a tough feat, but with Fort Magic’s building kit, it doesn’t have to be. Below are just a few ideas to provide your kids and their friends with hours of endless entertainment.

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1. Building Forts

Building forts is a timeless activity that kids of all ages can appreciate and enjoy. Encourage your kids and their friends to try their hand at building different types and styles of forts and see what kind of artistic designs they can create. For an added touch, bring in old sheets, towels, or even clothes that they can use to decorate using Fort Magic’s handy fabric clips. Not only will your guests enjoy this activity, but they will be using cognitive skills like critical thinking, without even realizing it, just to complete their task.

To step it up even further, make it a competition. See who can make the most fun or unique design in a designated amount of time and provide a prize for the winner, or a benefit, like choosing the movie or dinner for the evening.

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2. Star Gazing

If your kids are into learning about outer space, challenge them to create a fort with an open roof that can be used for stargazing. When it gets dark, head outside with some comfortable blankets, binoculars, and a constellation map and try to locate as many stars as possible. Depending on the time of year, a planet or two could be spotted as well. Maybe even encourage keeping a sky journal to add another level of fun and learning!

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3. Indoor Camping

During the warmer months, who doesn’t love a good campout? However, summer heat and pesky bugs can make sleeping under the stars not so enjoyable. So why not consider an indoor campout?

Challenge your children and their guests to create a “shelter” with the building kit and provide flashlights or battery-operated lanterns along with sleeping bags and plenty of snacks. To keep everyone entertained, have some games on hand that encourage critical thinking, counting, and even strategy, or for an added level of creativity, have everyone come up with a fun or spooky story to tell. To really get the full effect of being outdoors, turn on outdoor animal sounds and let the “camping” begin!

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4. Host a Tea Party

For those kids who enjoy the finer things, why not host a tea party and take it to the next level with Fort Magic’s building kit? First, challenge your children and their guests to design and build and “elegant” fort. They can even use the fabric clips to hang sheets or towels for an added layer of sophistication. Once complete, set up a small table within the structure, along with a tablecloth, teacups, plates, special treats, and, of course, tea or another beverage.

If play clothes and hats are available, have everyone dress for the occasion to truly make it special. This event can provide an opportunity to talk about and reinforce etiquette and manners, all while wrapped in fun and sweet memories.

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5. Create a Movie Theater

A staple at plenty of summer sleepovers is movie watching and with a building kit, that experience can only be enhanced. Have the children build a fort that is organized for watching an exciting flick. This could mean leaving an open space to see the television or moving a TV into the fort itself. Be sure to pack in a comfortable lounge or beanbag chairs and plenty of blankets.

Of course, snacks and popcorn are a must. Setting up a snack bar or having fun mix-ins to add to the popcorn will only add to the experience and ensure that everyone has a great time in their own private movie theater.

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6. Outdoor Games

When the heat becomes unbearable in the summer, what better way to beat it than with water – specifically water balloons. Why not challenge your guests to build forts and barricades and find out who can protect themselves the best from the onslaught at your summer sleepovers.

These protective forts can also be handy for games like capture the flag. Once split into teams, have your guests create a shelter or barricade around their flag and see who can keep it out of the hands of their opponent. Not only will your kids and their friends be engaging in fun, but they will also be using their brains to think critically and develop strategies.

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