Super Cool Birthday Fort Building Ideas

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Birthdays can bring on pressure for parents. After all, many parents want to be the one known for throwing a super cool birthday party. Unfortunately, this need to succeed often dampens creativity in some of us rather than igniting it. Hope and help are available. Fort building spans interests and age ranges to create spectacular interactions and festive memories. The ability to personalize designs to the birthday child and the range of guests makes forts an even more attractive party option. Forts are a sure win birthday idea. Plus, there are so many outside the (gift) box ideas to make every party one-of-a-kind, just like your kid. So, let’s talk the coolest of party ideas with fort building. We have assembled a few ideas just to bump you past that pressured stare and get your creative juices flowing. Grab an idea, put your own spin on it, and run with it.

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Dream a Theme

Take a cue from professional event planners and choose a theme for the birthday party. Unless the event is a surprise, let the birthday boy or girl help choose whether the party will be western, nature-oriented, Disney princess, dinosaurs, superheroes or race car themed. The possibilities are truly endless.

Even a favorite toy such as Legos, or a passion such as rock collecting, spurs ideas for your child’s birthday party. Then build a fort or a community of forts along the theme. Look around your home and yard for items to use as covers and accessories. You do not need the budget of a professional to throw a great party.

Birthday Fort Ideas 1Crank up the Karaoke

YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and more bring music into the hands of our kids in many ways. If you often catch your child using a wooden spoon, the broom handle or even the toilet brush as a microphone, a karaoke party just might be the ticket. Crank up the tunes for this fantastic idea. Use the Fort Magic kit to construct a stage with sheets. These sheets can be from a thrift store, and you can paint them or decorate them for a backdrop. Add a strobe light, disco ball or black lights for extra authenticity and creativity. Large flashlights used as roaming spotlights make for a star-quality event.

A rented or borrowed karaoke machine increases the genuine karaoke experience, but other great options exist for the budget-friendly party. Karaoke apps bring you into the age of technology while enjoying the fun. Even more financially friendly, a radio with a Mr. Microphone or a DIY created microphone on a Fort Magic stick stand works as well.

Birthday Fort Ideas 2Cue the Drama

For the drama queen (or king), turn the Fort Magic stage into a theater. Front curtains add to the atmosphere. A box full of costumes and props inspires party goers’ imaginations. Consider a skit contest. Ask guests to form groups and develop short skits. As each troupe performs its masterpiece, birthday party guests are sure to break into laughter. Prizes for most creative, funniest, those with a flare for the dramatic and other categories round out the party. Think Emmy Awards!

Birthday Fort Ideas 3Host a Talent Show

Music, drama, magic and more bring young talent to the Fort Magic stage. Encourage guests to come prepared with a comedy sketch, a dance routine, a guitar jam or any talent to share. As the party rolls on, ask guests to present their skills. Again, large flashlights make great spotlights in a dimmed room. Consider bringing in judges, such as other parents, older siblings, grandparents, neighbors and other adult family members, to give feedback similar to The Voice or America’s Got Talent. Prizes always raise the level of competition.

Birthday Fort Ideas 4Program Fort Building Contests

For the more construction-minded family, boost STEM skills with fort building contests. Divide into teams, hand out Fort Magic pieces and let the kids dream, design and develop their fort ideas. Be sure to put out plenty of covering and accessory materials to inspire creativity. Contests can be:

— Timed: Who builds a given design the quickest?

— Creative: Which team uses their imaginations best?

— Themed: Who best matches the announced fort theme?

Birthday Fort Ideas 5Orchestrate a Scavenger Hunt

Most kids love a good hunt. In fact, using this terminology gets kids to search the house for most any lost item. So, how could a scavenger hunt not be one of the coolest party ideas around? Adding forts to the hunt, it gives guests a secret place to collect items and strategize. Using a fort as a base for each team, let party guests set up camp with maps for the house and yards. Each team gets strategy boards, binoculars, and other supplies. Hand each team their list of items for which they hunt. Start the clock and let them go.

Birthday Fort Ideas 6Birthday party memories dot our childhoods with friends and fun. Forts are a surefire way to make the celebration successful in the eyes of our children. After all, isn’t that all that really matters?

Birthday Fort Ideas 7How do you include fort building into your kids’ super cool birthday parties? What themes have you used? Share your ideas with us below!

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