Teaching Business Skills With Fort Building Kits

Posted December 24, 2015 by Fort Magic

It’s no secret that most kids have great imaginations. You can see it when they play make believe games, create artwork, and build with toys. Fort building is a great way for kids to exercise their imagination. Teaching business skills to kids with forts will use their imaginations and put them on the track to becoming future entrepreneurs. Here are some fun ways to learn business skills with a fort building kit.


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A lemonade stand is a classic business model for kids to create using a fort building kit. The Playhouse Fort design is perfect for a lemonade stand. Running a lemonade stand will help children learn how to make the change, keep track of inventory, and deal with customers. Their marketing abilities could also be tested if they need to promote their lemonade stand over the stand down the street. Financial literacy is one thing schools often do no teach children, so allowing them to deal with money on a smaller scale with a lemonade stand can instill a solid financial foundation for them.


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Most kids have lots of dolls and stuffed toys laying around. They are perfect toys to use for a pretend daycare. While the lemonade stand gave real-life experience, the daycare will work their imaginations and give them hours of make-believe play. The Villa Design that can be made with the Fort Magic building kit would make a quaint setting for a daycare. Kids can set up different areas such as a nap room, dining area, and play section. The pretend babies will need to be checked in and out by their “parents,” so your children can learn great organizational skills, time management, and client relations. If a pretend daycare doesn’t pique your child’s interest, the same idea can be used for playing school or pet grooming.


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The final idea requires a little bit of trust from the adults involved. If you are throwing a party – which many people do this time of year – let your kids run the coat check for the arriving guests. The Playhouse Fort design is great for this plan and is easily made with Fort Magic building kits. Before the party, the kids can make the coat check tags and decide how they want to organize duties and best run the coat check. Dealing with adult “customers” will help them with their communication skills, which is vital in any business. Whether or not the coat check is free, your children will have the satisfaction of doing a job well, and the party goers will appreciate their belongings being well taken care of!


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Whether it’s a make-believe or real life business, using a fort building kit from Fort Magic to set the scene will help your child learn important business skills that they’ll have for life.


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