Teaching Love & Kindness With Fort Building Kits

Posted August 26, 2020 by Fort Magic

We all want our kids to grow up to be happy and successful, but it’s also important for them to be good humans – especially those who are loving and kind. In a world with social media where snap judgments are made all the time, it’s important that we are teaching our children love and to value the person rather than appearance.

This practice can start now with something as simple as a Fort Magic building kit. Working together through a project like fort-building provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate and show love and kindness at the same time.

Teaching Love

The Advantages of Playtime

Though we may not put much thought into playtime, it’s actually a great way to develop and grow loving relationships. And, as young children, it is one of the best ways to learn social skills.

Playing and having fun with siblings or peers gives a chance to learn about one another and shows areas in which to relate. It also provides an opportunity for teaching important lessons like love, as well as correct if a disagreement arises or things get out of hand.

Teaching Love

Fort Building Requires Collaboration

As with any project done with a group of people, fort building requires collaboration. It provides an opportunity to work with siblings, friends, or even parents. First, several decisions (and a consensus) will need to be made. These include figuring out what type of structure to build, how to build it, and any extras the group would like including walls, a roof, or added decor.

Because everyone is different, it’s likely that each person will have a different opinion or ideas they would like to see completed. Disagreements may occur, but this offers an excellent opportunity of teaching the important attributes of love and kindness. Below are just a few ways to do this as your kids work through building their fort.

Teaching Love

1. Set the Example

Whether you realize it or not, your children are watching you and how you respond to situations, as well as other people. For many young children, parents are their only role-models; therefore, being loving and kind, especially during a project, is vital. What they see is how they will act – they will follow your lead.

Therefore, avoid demonstrating negative behaviors. This could include getting frustrated or resorting to name-calling in tense situations. Conflict may happen while building the structure, especially between siblings and friends, but showing your kids how to navigate it well could make all the difference in how quickly it is addressed and resolved.

Teaching Love

2. Show Their Dependence on One Another

Being dependent on another person is actually a sign of love. Not only does it help to realize that you are not alone, but it also shows that you actually need the other person. Take a moment to talk through this with your children.

Highlight the skills and attributes each person brings to the table and express how they need each other to get the fort done. You can even assign roles based on the strengths of each child. Talking about these will not only allow the children to appreciate each other but will provide confidence in getting the project done.

Teaching Love

3. Teaching Love and Selflessness

It’s no secret that children are quick to take ownership of items and make them theirs. From an early age, they proclaim toys as “mine” and often struggle to share. Working together to build a fort provides a great chance to teach that things are less important than people and that sharing is actually a way to show love.

Teach compromise when it comes to ideas about the fort. Encourage that they take turns building their ideas because each idea is important, just as each person is important.

Teaching Love

4. Take Action

While building the fort, whether you are involved or not, be sure to step in if things get out of hand with the children. Speak up and let them know that their actions or words were unkind, unloving, or perhaps disrespectful. Talk about how it made the other person feel and encourage an apology, if necessary.

On the other hand, be quick to recognize and acknowledge loving and kind behavior. Point it out and praise their effort at excellent teamwork.

Teaching Love

5. Debrief

Once the project is complete, take a moment to compliment the group on their effort at building their fort and working together. And, while it doesn’t have to be a formal meeting, talk to them about how they worked together to accomplish what they build. Ask how each person contributed and any roadblocks they hit along the way, as well as what they did to work through them.

Praising their structure and the work they put into it can help build confidence and highlight the strengths they have as individuals. It also provides a great opportunity for them to recognize the work of their friends, allowing them to share love through kind words and appreciation.

Teaching Love

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