Teaching Manners With Your Fort Making Kit

Posted December 31, 2018 by Fort Magic

Probably the hardest phrase in any language to say is, “I’m sorry.” Here at Fort Magic, we have learned that fort building encourages children to learn how to build positive relationships with others. We can’t think of a better way to teach your kids manners and celebrate National Forgiveness Day than with one of our Fort Magic building kits.

Work Together for a Common Goal

If you’re having a day where it just seems like the fighting and bickering will never end, bust out a fort building kit. There’s no better way to get your kids to work together and become best friends than working together to build something. You can put everything out for them and then just let them figure it out. They will have to come together and work as a team. Someone will have to hold the fort design manual and hand the pieces to the person who is building. Then, they will have the fun of picking out material to cover it with and accessories for inside. Forgiveness Day 1

Learn How to Encourage Each Other

Because they will have to work together, they will soon learn how much more they get with kind words than with harsh words or screaming at each other. This is where you can step in and model this type of encouraging behavior for them. Let them know how beautifully their fort is coming together. Your kids will also get to learn how it makes them feel good inside when they use their mouth to praise someone instead of tearing them down. Once they get to see and feel how their kindness affects others in building a fort, they can start learning how to encourage others all of the time. And, of course, the best part is when they get to have a friend to enjoy their new fort with. Forgiveness Day 2

Learn Respect by Teaching Manners

Fort building is also a great way to teach your kids manners. Encourage them to say things such as, ”please pass me that stick” or “thank you for helping me”. Manners like this are much more than just a nicety. Having manners and speaking to others with our manner words creates an attitude of respect. It fosters a heart of respect and once our hearts are changed then it bubbles up in our overall attitude. Treating others with respect is becoming a thing of the past; let’s make our kids the generation that brings it back. Forgiveness Day 3

Find Each Other’s Strengths

This one goes back to using our mouths to praise each other. You can encourage your children to seek out each others’ strengths. If they are having a hard time praising someone, you can guide them by having them point out something they like in the other person. Maybe someone is a good architect or engineer and the other person is more of the artist and has an eye for colorful details. Maybe one of them is good at drawing and they can be the one to come up with the design. Then, the engineer can step in and figure out how to make that design come to life. Forgiveness Day 4   Forgiveness Day 5

Get Rewarded for Teamwork  

After all of that hard work, learning how to work as a team they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. You can have a special snack on hand or maybe some hot cocoa that they will get to enjoy in their new fort. Then, you can sit back and listen to their giggles from inside the fort and forget all about the constant strife that was before.   Forgiveness Day 6   Forgiveness Day 7

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