How Teepee Forts Encourage Creative Play Indoors

Posted April 1, 2016 by Fort Magic

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Sometimes we forget that kids just need to be kids. Creativity and creative play are so important during childhood in order to learn important skills. Make time to initiate creativity in your lives of your children by building teepee forts together. They will be happier, their cognitive skills will develop faster, and they will be healthier and smarter overall.


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So, what exactly is creative play? It’s playing games, painting, building, drawing and any other artistic or imaginative activity. Sometimes it’s messy, but it’s always guaranteed to be fun! If you’re in a slump and are tired of doing the same exercises over and over again, building kids teepee forts is the perfect solution.


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Fort Magic is a company dedicated to child’s play and the importance of learning. The company has created an innovative fort kit that you can buy for your children to put together. Building forts is a simple and safe way to learn about sizes, shapes, and architecture. The excitement of creating their own teepee tents is sure to encourage your children to play all kinds of games. From learning about colonial to crafting, there are countless activities to consider.


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The possibilities for learning and fun in a teepee fort are exciting. Your children can wear moccasins and feathered headbands while you teach them about history. Set up a craft table where they can do beading and make their own necklaces and bracelets. Use yarn, paper plates, beads, and feathers to make dream catchers. Talk to them about their own dreams and thoughts. You can also teach them about business by turning the teepee for kids into a craft shop where they can sell their creations.


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There is a wide variety of other fort designs that are sure to make your child happy. There are larger designs, including a playhouse, tower, and villa. Then, there are smaller ones such as an airplane, truck and space cruiser. These forts are made with large, flexible support sticks that connect together easily. The building technique is easy, sturdy, and perfect for kids of any age! You might find yourself playing with your kids for hours as your imaginations run wild.


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If you want to introduce a new, great method of creativity to your children, this is the perfect opportunity. Your kids can build teepee forts and other forts where they can escape from the everyday world for hours into their own creative zone. The creative possibilities are unlimited!


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