Valentine's Day Creative Fort Ideas

Posted February 13, 2016 by Fort Magic

Make time on Valentine’s day to show your kids how much they mean to you. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate celebration. Simple things go a long way on a day like this to show your love and appreciation for someone. Play a board game or a card game together. Read a book or play charades. Spend the day building a fort together. Let these Valentine ’s Day creative fort ideas inspire your heart-shaped theme celebration. Your kids will be delighted to spend the day with you, creating family memories that will make the day extra special in their book.




Start with Fort Magic sticks and connectors to build the foundation of your fort. Your kids can help with the building process by holding a stick in place as you secure it with a connector. Then, switch spots and be the one to hold the stick in place as your child attaches the connector piece. Together you can decide how high, how wide and how long the family fort should be. It’s an easy way to make your child feel appreciated and part of the decision-making process.


Valentine’s Days Forts 1

Valentine’s Days Forts 2


Once the fort design is up, it’s time to start adding the decorations. Cover the exterior of the fort in red paper. Cut heart-shaped windows out of the paper on the front of the fort. Your kids will love peeking out of these special windows and surprising you. Next, start working on the decorations that you will add to the interior walls.


Valentine’s Days Forts 3


Break out the construction paper, stencils, lace, glitter, crayons, markers and any other art supplies you can think of and make hearts of all shapes and sizes. Let everyone create hearts of their own. Then, make one big heart for everyone to work on together. It will be the focal point of your family Valentine’s Day fort. Lift your child up on your shoulders and let hime or her place the family heart above the entrance to your fort.



Valentine’s Days Forts 5


Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the magic that comes from having a fort in the middle of your living room. Serve a breakfast meal inside the fort, complete with heart-shaped pancakes, toast and a few pieces of heart-shaped candy on red plates. The kids will delight in having candy for breakfast and eating inside the fort will add to the excitement of the day.


Valentine’s Days Forts 5a

Valentine’s Days Forts 6


Share laughter, stories and make plans for your day inside the fort. It will certainly be a Valentine’s day that your kids will remember for a lifetime!


Valentine’s Days Forts 7a



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