Why Fort Magic is the Best Fort Building Kit For Kids

Posted October 8, 2019 by Fort Magic

More and more people are starting to see the value of being more intentional with the things they own. Fort Magic fort building kits for kids are compact, simple to store, and yet provide your kids with endless hours of learning and creativity. Here are some of the reasons why our fort kit is the best kit for kids.

kids fort kit

1. It’s Easy to Make

Each kit comes with a building manual that is effortless to follow. Each design tells you exactly which pieces you need and includes an easy to follow and color-coded picture. This makes it so your learner doesn’t need to know how to read in order to use the kit. The pieces come together easily and come apart quickly. The fabric clips make it so you can use any material to cover your forts. 

2. Simple Storage

The fort building kit for kids can easily be stored in a small bag. You can build a large structure and then within a few minutes have it all broken down into a bag that can easily slide behind a shelf, under the bed, or in a closet. It can easily replace a playroom full of other toys since it can be turned into a kitchen, a tent, or an artist studio.

kids fort kit

3. Fort Magic Building Kits are Versatile

Each fort building kit comes with the supplies necessary to build over 21 different designs and forts. After you build the designs that come in the building manual, you can utilize these same supplies to come up with your own designs. You can take your kit anywhere you go!

Build a fort over your bed for a sleepover or build one in your backyard for a campout. You can cover the forts with old white sheets and turn them into a canvas or cover it in old wrapping paper and turn it into a paper fort. The fort building kit for kids allows you to turn your creative ideas into a reality.

kids fort kit

4. Encourages Endless Imaginary Play

Pretend play is a vital part of childhood. It builds social and emotional skills while enabling them to role-play to prepare for real life. However, in this technical age, many kids from 3 years old and up are lacking the environment to use their imaginations. Instead of letting them sit in front of a screen, you can encourage their creativity by giving them a fort building kit.

They can use that kit to build a tea house and practice their manners and social skills at a tea party with their friends. They can build restaurant forts and practice their cooking skills and proper social interactions. Because the fort building kits are so versatile, your kids can play for hours every day!

kids fort kit

5. Everyday Items Can Cover Your Fort

Every fort building kit comes with convenient fabric clips. These attach quickly and easily to the sticks. You can attach any type of material to your fabric using these clips.

They also don’t harm the fabric because of the way they attach the material to the fort. This means you can put on bed sheets or even fabric from your stash to cover your forts and then when you’re done, just return the sheets to your linen closet. You can also use the fabric clips to attach paper, streamers, or even lights to your fort.

kids fort kit

6. Encourages Problem Solving Skills for All Ages

An important lifelong skill is learning how to solve problems. The best way to do this is by learning through trial and error. When your child is building their forts and it’s not turning out the way they want or it’s not structurally sound, then they remove and add new pieces until it works. It’s simple to do this with your Fort Magic building kit for kids because you simply twist and pull to get sections apart or twist and push to put them together.

Even toddlers can quickly learn how to build forts with our fort building kits. This process actually creates new pathways in the brain so that your child grows into an adult that knows how to be creative and enhances critical thinking skills to solve problems. This vital skill will build their confidence and ensure they have a successful and bright future.

7. A Great Way to Build STEM Skills

Teaching kids STEM skills not only equips them with everyday skills but it also prepares them for a successful career. Research shows us that kids who learn in a STEM environment grow into adults that know how to problem solve, are more creative, and have important critical thinking skills.

These same kids also develop a love for STEM-related careers. These careers are growing about twice the rate as other careers. Fort building provides kids with an environment where they have hands-on learning and can learn by trial and error. Building forts focuses more on the process rather than the outcome. You can also use them to learn more about STEM and turn it into a science lab!

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