Bedtime Rituals Kids Will Love With Forts & Everyone Will Sleep Better

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Sometimes, it’s hard to get your kids to go to bed at the right time every night simply because you have children with very active imaginations. Fort Magic fort kits present a creative option for tackling this common parenting issue as you help your kids drift off to sleep. Children have three basic needs in the sleep department.

— Comfort.

— Security.

— Calm.

Meeting these needs through bedtime rituals and a routine makes for well-rested families. Plus, you create plenty of fond family memories through the use of forts for play and creating night-time rituals.

bedtime rituals

Developing a Bedtime Routine

Security and comfort help kids move from an active day to restful sleep. The ways to accomplish this feat seemingly outnumber the stars. In other words, bedtime routines are unique to the families that employ them.

While variability and uniqueness come into play, a few foundational principles work.

— Set a specific bedtime and stick to it.

— Be consistent with the routine for quicker adjustment.

— Leave a wind-down hour with quiet play and no electronics.

— Give warning that bedtime is approaching for kids to mentally transition.

— Reduce sleep props, such as bottles, which help in the short-term but cause issues in the long-run.


Furthermore, as you develop a bedtime routine, keep a few general hints in mind.

— Start young.

From birth, children begin to learn the expectations of sleep and bedtime. The sleep-inducing impact of routines they develop in the toddler years prove long-lasting into later years.

If your youngster is past toddler age, no need to fret. Begin tonight and do not look back. For older children, explain the change in the way your family handles bedtime and your expectations (keep them realistic). Then, consistently move forward with your plan.

— Routines evolve. Basics hold steady.

Remind yourself that as your child grows, the actual routine changes. However, the basics you set forth early remain unphased.

— Use family-based time as part of bedtime routines.

Some families adopt a quick transition to bedtime routines while others linger for 20 to 30 minutes. Consistency and creating rituals which work well for your family are common denominators for both types of routines.

So, what types of things can be included in a sweet slumber fort routine?


Sweet Slumber Rituals With Forts

Bed-based forts prove a natural companion to sleep routines. They offer a sense of solitude, rest, privacy and escape. Check out a few of the ideas below to get you started on a plan that fits your family.

— Encourage relaxation.

A fort built safely over the bathtub makes for a cozy spot to relax and warms your child up for bed. Show caution. Be sure you have eyes on your young child at all times while he or she is in the water.

Teach your child a few simple yoga stretches, deep pressure or breathing exercises that you can perform in the comfort of a bedroom fort. These activities relax your child’s body and mind to prepare your youngster for sleep.


Books and audiobooks lend to relaxed bodies and minds. Music or quiet singing soothes children as well. Remain intentional about the nature of your child’s bedtime selections, so go for happy stories and seasonal selections.

— Chat about it.

Forts offer privacy and a cozy intimacy that promotes sharing of secrets, worries, stresses and feelings which lead to good sleep. Spend time quietly talking with your child before bed or allow a few minutes of chatting while your kids play among siblings or friends sleeping over at your house.

Relationship building is another benefit of these conversations, but journalling allows for a more solitary time of reflection prior to bed. Even younger kids can take on this practice through a sketchbook and drawing.


— Incorporate a snack.

Adding a light munchie to the bedtime routine helps curb hunger and thirst. Remember a few tips about bedtime snacking, such as no sugar nor caffeine. Include protein to stabilize blood sugar and promote muscle and brain growth.

Consider helping your children make a healthy snack early in the day which gives them a reason to look forward to bedtime. Include warm milk to induce sleep naturally.

What about the times fear arises?


Tackling Night Fright

While the imaginary monsters that invade our children’s nights are tenacious, we help defeat these foes with simple bedtime routine practices. Creativity also helps.A bed fort-turned-fortress protects the young and slumbering until morning. This sense of protection allays the fear of issues that only arise in the dark while bringing sweet dreams and proper rest.

Practical suggestions to send night fright packing include:

— Tape photos of family and friends inside fort walls to keep thoughts happy.

— Avoid telling spooky stories, reading mystery books or watching spine-tingling movies in a bed fort.

— Leave stress and worry outside the fort door by writing it on a piece of paper or in a journal.

— Grab a blanket or stuffed animal that offers comfort or companionship in the fort.

— Encourage a “weapon” to stave off monsters such as a bracelet, “anti-monster spray,” a flashlight or a memorized mantra.

— Check for monsters in the usual places.

— Use the daylight hours to talk about the stresses of the day so they do not revisit at night.


Ready? Do not delay. Pull a few ideas into a bedtime routine and get started on a better slumber tonight. What bedtime rituals does your family have and how do you include forts? Share your suggestions with us below!


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