Build Confidence & Self-Expression With Fort Magic

Posted September 30, 2020 by Fort Magic

While they haven’t always been the focus when raising kids in the past, many researchers are starting to realize that building confidence and encouraging self-expression are extremely important for development. Not only can they reduce stress, but they also support the health and wellbeing of children, as well as other positive emotions. Because of this, it’s important to have a tool, like a Fort Magic building kit that not only helps boost confidence but can encourage healthy, creative self-expression.


The Benefit of Fort Magic

While a Fort Magic building kit is a great source for fun and entertainment, it’s not just a toy. It allows children to be creative and to use their imagination and it does so through a structured outlet. This activity, which also allows for creativity, is important for children, especially as they learn to navigate life.

Through building a variety of forts, kids are able to use parts of the brain important for math, engineering, and science, all valuable STEM skills, while incorporating the arts and imagination. Through decorating their fort with walls and artwork, they get to explore their creative side and even express themselves.


The Importance of Self-Expression

Again, while not a lot of emphasis may be put on self-expression, one of the most beneficial things you can do for your children is allowing them to share feelings, emotions, creativity, and thoughts in a safe environment. A child must be able to express what he or she wants and feel the freedom and security to do so.

Without it, children may have difficulty opening up to others and could even experience emotional and mental downfalls hindering them into adulthood. So how exactly does a Fort Magic building kit help with expression?


1. Self-Expression Through Art

One of the best ways for a child to express him or herself is through the arts. This could include painting, drawing, writing, coloring, or even finger-painting. Not only does it allow them to express how they feel without having to talk, but it’s also excellent for developing emotional skills and psychological awareness.

Constructing a fort allows one to be creative in the design, as well as in the decorating. Hanging old sheets for walls and letting your kids paint or color on them provides a perfect opportunity for them to get creative and express themselves.


2. Self-Expression Through Decisions

Building a fort also gives your kids the chance to choose what they want to build and how they want to build it. With so much dictated in their lives, allowing them the opportunity to make decisions on their own will show the value of thinking through ideas and the resulting consequences. Making choices also reveals what they do and don’t like and can help form an understanding of themselves.


3. Self-Expression with Others

Self-expression can also be encouraged through group activities which fort building is a great activity for. It is an active assignment that forces any group to work together, get creative, and think critically. Working with others not only teaches cooperation, but it also develops relational skills, as well as an understanding and respect for how others think and perform.


Talking About Feelings

If building the structure as designed doesn’t go as planned and frustration ensues, allow your kids to talk about it. Discuss their emotions and what they are feeling, in a natural way and let them know that it’s OK to feel disappointed, mad, or even sad. Not only will they feel better working through it, but they will also see how expressing feelings can help them sort through and understand often confusing emotions.


Building Confidence

This form of creative play is also crucial to developing confidence in your child. It does so by:

1. Learning New Skills and Abilities

Fort construction is an excellent way to encourage your child to learn and use new skills and abilities. Not only will he or she be using and understanding new materials, but will be developing both fine motor and gross motor skills along the way.


2. Providing a Chance for Acknowledgement

You can also build confidence through this activity by recognizing the effort your kids are putting into it. Take time to pint out those things they’ve done really well or have improved on. And, while acknowledgment is great, never overly praise your child as this can lead to a constant need for approval.


3. Learning Leadership Skills

This activity is also a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, especially working in a group situation. Your kids will have a chance to step up, organize ideas, and take charge of the building process. Through it, they will learn not only how to work well with others, but how to effectively communicate.


4. Spending Time Together

You can also boost your children’s confidence by simply spending time with them and building the structure as a family. Creating and playing with them shows that they are loved, valued, and ultimately worthy of your time.

What About Failure?

Though it may seem to be the opposite of what you want when looking to build confidence in your children, failure provides a great opportunity to boost it. With any new activity, failure may come, but you can use that moment to teach your kids that failing is not catastrophic. Simply allow them to regroup and reconsider how to build their fort better. They’ll feel more confident and better equipped to tackle any project the next time around.

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