Create Sheer Curtain Fort Covers With Magical Lights

Posted September 15, 2017 by Fort Magic

Despite all of the parenting-oriented technology that’s available today — from iPads to video games to smartphones — it may sometimes seem like it can take a Herculean effort to keep the kids busy and engaged for more than a short period. But entertaining your children doesn’t have to focus on fancy toys or high-tech gadgets. And it doesn’t have to put a huge dent in your wallet. Kids love playing in ways that allow them to exercise their creativity, move around and use their imagination. All you need to do is grab the Fort Magic building kit and and a sheer curtain explore all the possibilities!

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The kit allows kids to build everything from a spaceship to a submarine to a princess’ castle, and anything in between. It provides a frame that you can then drape with fabrics of your choice to make an entirely covered fort — and can then decorate to fit a theme or design idea. Building a fort with your kids has numerous benefits. You are spending time together, helping them develop their strategic thinking skills. Children learn about math, architecture, shapes, sizes, and more from fort building. Plus, they have an incredible moment of achievement when the fort is done!

But one of the best parts how versatile forts can be. Consider its decoration possibilities. While you can use everything from bed sheets to towels to cover the frame, one idea is to use sheer curtains as fort covers. And then you can drape these gossamer fort coverings with holiday lights for a magical atmosphere. Here are five ideas that you can quickly adapt and make your own for a truly unique experience with your kids:


1. A Spooky Castle for Halloween

Halloween provides an opportunity for themed decorations and good-natured spooky fun. It’s often a kid’s favorite holiday because of the free candy! Your kids can design and string up a large spider web by using yarn over the frame of the Halloween castle fort, before draping it in sheer curtains for a light look that is sure to put them in the mood for a holiday.

You can also put up orange holiday lights for a soft and spooky glow.And put pumpkins around the base of the fort for an even more festive atmosphere. Why not go pumpkin picking and use the harvest you get for your fort base? That’s two days of festive, fall fun!


2. A Cozy Cottage for Christmas

Winter is the perfect time to curl up in a fort with blankets and pillows. By putting up sheer curtains around the fort with holiday lights in green, red and white, you can channel the spirit of Christmas for both you and your kids. You can also make paper snowflakes with them and clip them to the fort for a wintry feel. Plus, this is a wonderfully artistic way to appreciate the season – even for those who may not celebrate Christmas.


3. A Reading Nook for Bedtime Stories

Reading with your kids is one of the most important steps you can take as a parent. It reinforces your bond and helps your children develop the basics of a language, empathy, and knowledge about the world. You can foster a love of reading in them that will last throughout the rest of their lives. One way to do this is by reading aloud to them, an activity you can do in a fort designed for this purpose. Work with your kids to make a fort that has sheer coverings, softly glowing lights and a medium-height ceiling for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Make sure to carpet the bottom in blankets and pillows for maximum comfort.


4. A Glowing Space for Birthday Parties

Take your child’s favorite color and turn it into a bright fort masterpiece with holiday lights over the sheer fabric covering the frame. A party space can be any shape that your child wants to build. Consider developing a party theme, such as a tea party, princess’ party or sailboat soiree. Include costumes and decorations for a celebration kids will remember!


5. A Well-Lit Camping Tent for Summer Nights

When the nights are warm, your child can sleep in a fort designed as a tent outside. Lay a tarp down on the ground and add a sleeping bag and pillows to protect them from the elements. Best of all, soft lights (with an extension cord to connect them to power) can provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, when your kids might otherwise be scared to sleep outside. You can enjoy an authentic camping experience without having to leave your back yard. And they can invite their friends too!


These five ideas are an excellent way to use sheer curtain fort covers. Do you have more fun ways to use sheer curtains to cover forts? Share them with us below!


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