Creative Easter Family Traditions Include Fort Building and Fun

Posted April 15, 2017 by Fort Magic

Spring brings renewed energy that gets legs moving whether you’re young or young at heart. Forts are the perfect antidote to spring fever. Mix in some Easter holiday fun, and the swirl creates an atmosphere of imagination and learning for everyone in the family. Check out a few spunky spring ideas to get started with your Fort Magic fort building kit whether you go outside on a sunny, cool and breezy day or inside on a rainy afternoon.

Easter family traditionsEaster Bunny Postal Office

Composing letters to the Easter bunny inside a fort post office makes writing fun. Be sure to send return letters from this mythical character for more interaction. A Fort Magic mail truck adds to the fun. Give the kids a lesson in poetry. Everyone can write their own haiku for the Easter bunny. It is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that is easy to write. The first and third lines contain five syllables and the second line has seven syllables. Most of the time, these poems do not rhyme. This makes them easier for little ones to create. If they want to make up rhymes, that’s fine, too! Either way, the Easter bunny is sure to enjoy them.

Easter Celebration Forts 1Egg Hunt Strategy Center

Mapping out the location of eggs hidden around the house takes on a sense of adventure and intrigue inside a strategy fort. Include maps of the house or yard and a table for planning all things “Operation Egg Hunt.” The fort can be a central zone for the annual Easter egg hunt. Make sure to have fun, holiday-themed prizes for all the participants.

Easter Celebration Forts 2Easter Craft Station

Easter bunnies with cotton tails, toothpick chicks or construction paper crosses lead to conversation and giggles in a fort turned into craft station. Check out the Parenting article, Easy Easter Crafts for Kids, for great ideas. Use the holiday weekend to create crafts that make the house and yard festive for the big day. Create an Easter spa where the young ladies can do their nails in safe pastel colors to celebrate the holiday.

Easter Celebration Forts 3Bunny Basket Factory

Fill a factory fort with baskets and trinkets from around the house or the local dollar store. Let your kids use its secrecy to create Easter baskets to give to siblings or friends. Baskets can also be donated to local community centers, schools, and charities. Generosity and kindness are sure to flourish.

Easter Celebration Forts 4Egg-stra Special Painting Studio

A simple fort set up in the kitchen becomes the ideal egg decorating studio. Crayons, stickers, stencils, glitter pens, colored tape, googly eyes and markers for pre-dyed eggs make for less messy crafting options. Plus, kids can exercise their creativity then enjoy a healthy snack that includes the eggs when they are done. Deviled eggs is a yummy recipe that requires no heat or cooking. Get the kids to help make this tasty Easter appetizer and add their own decorative touches.

Easter Celebration Forts 5Spring Brunch Cafe

Plan the night before to make a simple brunch perfect for inside a fort cafe. Use tables with small chairs or beanbag seats for seating arrangements. Build a larger fort to hold the infamous kids’ table at a traditional Easter brunch. Plus building the fort will keep the kids moving and busy while you are preparing the brunch. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Easter Celebration Forts 6Holiday Photo Booth

Catching the kids in their Easter best before the sugary Peeps kick in is no easy task. Constructing a photo booth fort ahead of time, filled with Easter props, just may capture their attention long enough to get a frame-worthy photo. Have them make their own Easter bonnets for whimsical photos that are sure to be treasured for year’s to come. These will be fun photos the whole family will want to take. Include some bunny ears for those who might not want to put on hats.

Story and Tradition Station

Of course, the best and most well-loved use of the fort is snuggling and stories. Settle in as a family and share reasons behind your family’s traditions. Read tales of how others acknowledge the season as well. Consider one of the classic kids’ tales focused on a bunny such as “The Velveteen Rabbit,” “The Tortoise and the Hare,” and “The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.” Everyone can share their favorite Easter memories to bring family and friends closer together during this special holiday.

Ready to hop into spring and the celebration of Easter? Be sure to share some of your fort ideas with us to inspire others! After all, spring births a host of possibilities anew in our kids and in us. How do you include fort building in your Easter celebrations? What are your favorite Easter traditions? Let us know below!


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