Fort Building Activities Get Kids Moving and Thinking

Posted May 22, 2018 by Fort Magic

The end of the school year and the beginning of summer are right around the corner. With the lazy and long days of summer comes the sound of kids asking what they can do all day. And parents want to provide enjoyable and educational projects and activities to keep them busy. Discover some fantastic fort-building activities to get kids moving and thinking!

building activities for kids

Obstacle Course Fort

At the end of the school year, many children participate in various competitive activities. From field day and team sports challenges to academic contests, they are ready to show what they can do. Bring the spirit of competition into your backyard by building an obstacle course fort. All it takes is a Fort Magic kit, plenty of creativity, and lots of energy! And let the kids design their obstacle course. They will get STEM building lessons about measuring, project management, and practicality. Serve plenty of cold beverages, so the kids stay hydrated. And give small gifts to everyone who participates. Have the kids make awards for the winners using glitter, construction paper, and plenty of imagination.

building activities for kids

Home Gym

Nobody wants the kids to wind up sitting on the sofa with television, gaming, and smartphones. So encourage them to get up and get moving! Build a home gym fort where the kids can work out and have fun with fitness. Build this fort indoors in an air-conditioned room and serve lots of water! Put down mats and provide upbeat music. The kids can toss large, lightweight balls. Or have them jog in place to their favorite songs. And add jump ropes and hula hoops in the home gym, so there’s plenty of things to do. Include fitness in your day with a brisk workout for parents and kids that includes Frog Jumps, Donkey Kicks, and more!

building activities for kids

Pool Cabana Fort

Nothing says school’s out for summer more than a backyard swimming pool and lots of splashing! And all it takes to cool off on a hot day is a kiddie pool filled with water!. Another one of our building activities for kids is to start by building an outdoor fort with a tropical feel. Add a couple of blow-up palm trees from the local party store. Bring in an inflatable kiddie pool into the fort, set it up, fill it, and watch the good times begin! Little ones can splash around and play with rubber ducks. Older kids can dip their feet into the pool. They can go “fishing,” have boat races, and enjoy other brain-boosting pool activities. Plus, they’ll be out of the direct sun under their fort cabana! (But you still need to remember to apply sunscreen before going outdoors.)

building activities for kids

Mad Science Lab

After a year of serious science activities at school, summer is the perfect time to prove science is fun! Transform a fort into a mad science lab where kids conduct amazing experiments from their own creative ideas. Let them experience the wonder of discovery while you supervise in the background. Try simple science activities, such as making slime, a cloud, or a rainbow! And the kids will be learning valuable STEM skills that help in these subjects when they go back to school.

building activities for kids

Summer Reading Nook

Parents are often concerned about their children reading during the summer, so they stay on track for the upcoming school year. Countless books entertain kids and teach them all summer. Create a summer reading nook filled with books and bean bag chairs for lounging. Encourage kids to read on their own. Have a storytime structure before bed and take turns reading together every night. Many community libraries have summer reading clubs with kid-friendly giveaways, summer reading lists, and a party for those who read a specific number of books. If your library doesn’t have a summer reading club, check out Scholastic’s online or start your own! Have the kids keep track of their books on a master list and give them a colorful sticker for each one they read.

building activities for kids

Fort building activities are the perfect way to get kids moving and thinking! After all, few kids can resist having a getaway where their movements and imaginations take over – no parents allowed! How do you get your kids to move and think using fort building? Share your ideas with us below!

building activities for kids

building activities for kids

building activities for kids

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building activities for kids

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