Large-Size Fort Kits Inspire Magic During The Holidays

Posted November 6, 2020 by Fort Magic

It’s no secret that this year has been tough. And, with the way things have gone, we could all use a little extra “magic” this holiday season. Fortunately, with a Fort Magic fort building kit, your kids can enjoy the spirit of any holiday with fun projects that will keep them not only entertained but excited. It provides the perfect tools to create a structure that is great for kids big and small, as well as those young and old at heart!

holiday fun with fort building

Inspiring Magic & Fun with Fort Building During the Holiday Season

Enjoy this holiday season and inspire some magic with your kids by encouraging them to try one of these unique fort ideas:

1. Santa’s Workshop

Have your kids ever wondered what Santa’s workshop in the North Pole looks like? Well, now they can imagine and create their own. Have them design and build what they think the shop looks like, paying special attention to areas that will be great for building toys and housing the reindeer.

Next, let their creative juices flow while decorating their space. They can cut out fun and unique snowflakes or ornaments to hang on the inside, or even string up lights or set up a small Christmas tree. When it comes to Santa’s workshop, the sky is the limit!

holiday fun with fort building

2. Movie Fort

One of the best things about the holidays is all of the classic movies. Why not have your kids build a fort that will be perfect for movie watching with the entire family? Have it face the TV or small projector screen and set it up with comfortable blankets, pillows, or chairs on the inside.

Then, spend an afternoon catching up on everything from the timeless holiday Charlie Brown movies, to Rudolph, Frosty, and It’s a Wonderful Life. Don’t be afraid to climb in with your kids as well! Fort Magic’s large-size forts make them perfect for the whole family to participate.

3. Cookie Shop

Another great aspect of the holidays is all of the yummy treats that are made. Consider setting up a fun structure for decorating cookies and other baked goods. Simply have your kids build a large structure that can hold a small table and chairs and place an old sheet or tarp on the floor to catch spills and keep things tidy.

Supply different colored frostings, sprinkles, and even icing tips for older children to make decorating fun and easy. You can even have them cut out cookies into decorative shapes before baking and, of course, let your kids enjoy the fruits of their labor as they “work”. For an added bonus, wrap up the cookies, place them in festive bags, and deliver them to your friends and neighbors, to spread some of that holiday “magic”.

holiday fun with fort building

4. Stable Fort

For many, the holidays are also about the birth of Jesus Christ. Incorporate your fort into the nativity scene and have your children act out this Christmas story. Stuffed animals and a small baby doll are great props, while your children can dress as they would have at the time using old sheets, towels, and a little string or twine.

Read the story aloud and have your kids and their friends act out the different parts. They can take turns portraying different roles and even narrating. If possible, keep your stable fort up as a reminder of the reason for the season.

holiday fun with fort building

5. Sleeping Under the Lights

The holidays often provide time off from school and, for some, work. With the extra time, why not allow your kids to have sleepovers with their friends or cousins? Have them create a holiday fort that they can decorate festively with hanging lights, a small tree, or even old wrapping paper that can act as walls or a roof with the help of Fort Magic’s fabric clips.

This structure will be the perfect place to watch movies, play games, eat yummy treats and, of course, drink hot cocoa. When the day is done, they can even sleep in their fort, under the soft glow of their magical holiday lights.

holiday fun with fort building

Learning Through the Fun

Though it may seem hard to believe, kids, even with the fun of these magical holiday structures are having new experiences, and therefore, are learning. Not only are they getting to incorporate STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics), they are creating things on their own which can prove to be meaningful, satisfying, and even empowering.

While designing and building their structure may at times come with failed attempts, failure is not always a bad thing since they will be having fun during the holiday season with their fort building. Don’t be quick to jump in, but instead, encourage them to think through what went wrong. This will push them to evaluate where they could have done things differently and prompt them to try again. From this comes problem-solving skills, imagination, and creativity that will serve them well into adulthood and into their careers.

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