Large-Size Fort Kits Inspire Hours of Creativity

Posted May 21, 2023 by Fort Magic

Fort Magic Building kits are one of the best build and play fort kits that can allow your children to have fun while learning about basic building techniques. Fort building has always been a fun and simple way to involve the whole family on a rainy day or a hot summer day. Dragging all the old bedsheets out, the couch cushions, and dining room chairs can be a bit of a hassle, though. This is where the large-size fort building kits can make your life easier.

large size fort kits

Large-Size Fort Kits

Fort Magic fort building kits contain everything you need to build a fort in your living room, playroom, bedroom, or even outside. The kit contains over 350 pieces to help you and your kids build and construct every fort imaginable. These pieces include curved sticks in 3 different sizes, straight sticks in 4 different sizes, connector shapes in 5 shapes, 100 fabric clips, and a full-color building manual. You can also purchase forts covers separately if you would like.


Our large-size fort kits feature a patented design that provides high-quality, sturdy construction. It also comes highly recommended by teachers, educators, parents, and kids. The possibilities for creativity with our Fort Magic kit are endless, and even when you think the kids could not think of anything else, the manual will help them develop more ideas to build.

large size fort kits

Fun Ideas To Build

If you are thinking about purchasing a Fort Magic fort building kit, you may be asking yourself what forts can be built with one simple kit. When we say the possibilities are endless, we mean it. Some of the favorites built by our customers include a castle for your princess, complete with a horse and carriage.

Maybe you have a little boy who dreams of pirates and astronauts? Fort Magic has you covered! Our kit will easily build a pirate ship, space rocket, and alien. If you have 2 or more children and are worried about them working together, you can have them build a playhouse, racecar submarine, or airplane. The booklet comes with instructions on how to build these!


Large-Size Fort Kits

Assembly of Pieces

Fort Magic fort building kits are easy to assemble, even for tiny fingers and hands. We suggest laying out all the pieces you will need for your fort before starting. If you are using our booklet to build with, the pieces needed should be listed on the page. If you have kids building from their imagination, have them sketch out a design and try to guess what pieces are needed. This is a great way to get them thinking and problem-solving and using their brains while having fun.

After you have all your pieces, the first step is to push and twist to insert the sticks into the connector openings. The next step is to keep building until you have the shape desired. Once your shape is built, it is time to add a cover.

You can buy additional covers or make one out of items you have at home. Using the fabric clips, press and snap the fabric to the sticks until you have securely added your cover. Now enjoy having everyone enjoy the fort all day long.

Once playtime is over, the Fort Magic fort building kit makes cleaning up easy. You simply twist and pull to separate the sticks from connectors. Make sure you have the kids do this away from their face and body to prevent injury. Once you have all the pieces apart, put them in your storage bag, and get ready to pull them out again tomorrow with a different building idea.

Large-Size Fort Kits

Decorating Our Large-Size Fort Kits

The best part of building a fort is decorating it. When you purchase a Fort Magic kit, you have the option to buy covers separately, but you can also make covers from items you have at home.

Some things that work great for covers can include old bedsheets, curtains, scarves, old t-shirts, towels, and even tablecloths. If you have any rolls of fabric or tulle, this can also be used.

For decorating the inside of the fort, you can use strings of lights, pillows, cushions, stuffed animals, or yarn. Kids can bring in books, toys, and a snack to enjoy in the fort.

Large-Size Fort Kits

Large-Size Fort Kits

Creative Family Forts

Does your family have a family game night or a movie night? You could take the next family night to the next level with one of our large-size Fort Magic fort building kits.

Have the family gather together and get ready for teamwork. As a family, decide what kind of fort you want and what design you will use. Then get a little competition going. You could do girls against boys or kids against adults! See who can build the fort design the fastest and get the covers and inside done the fastest.

Large-Size Fort Kits Large-Size Fort Kits

For More Information

If you are looking for more information on our Fort Magic fort building kits, please feel free to contact us. We can be reached on our website and will get back to you. If you have other ideas on fun creative forts ideas for the whole family, please let us know. We love hearing from our customers and seeing what everyone can build.

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Large-Size Fort Kits

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