Magical Bedtime Fort Ideas Your Kids Love

Posted August 12, 2020 by Fort Magic

For many with young children, bedtime can be a chaotic, stressful, and drawn out event making everyone in the family dread it. If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to switch things up. Instead of a negative experience every night, why not make it a magical one with a Fort Magic building kit to make a bedtime fort?

bedtime fort

These magical bedtime forts can be a place to spend time in before getting into bed or can be securely built over the bed for an even greater experience and comforting place to sleep. With the easy-to-use fabric clips, your child’s fort can be transformed into whatever exciting place they can imagine. Not only can these ease the transition into bedtime, but your kids will also be eager and looking forward to going.

bedtime fort

bedtime fort

Things to Remember About a Bedtime Fort

When building your bedtime fort, there are a few important items to remember. First, make the fort a calming environment. Try to avoid bring or loud colors that may be too stimulating before tucking your child in. Limiting or stopping screen time and caffeine at least an hour before sleep and having dim lights set up in the fort or room will also help promote restful sleep.

Furthermore, consider your child when creating a space within the fort. Choose the right bedding and items that will make the child feel comforted and secure. This could be a favorite blanket or special stuffed animal. Lastly, keep the bedtime routine the same. Though your children will enjoy their new, fun place to spend time or sleep in, keeping a consistent routine can help kids fall asleep faster, wake less at night, and get more sleep.

bedtime fort

Magical Bedtime Forts

While it’s best to see what your children dream up for their own personal bedtime fort, below are just a few ideas to get them started:

1. Starry Bedtime Fort

For the kids who enjoy star-gazing, why not create a structure that will allow them to fall asleep under the stars? After coming up with a unique structure, hang blankets all around to keep the space dark. Next, string up small twinkle lights in any direction or display your child likes.

For added fun, try icicle lights, or those in the shape of stars. Or, for a personal touch, have your child cut out their own stars. They can be different shapes, sizes, and even colors. For the electric ones, simply put them on a timer and enjoy the  fun your child has falling asleep “under the stars.”

bedtime fort

2. Book Nook

For the  book worm in the family, what better bedtime fort to create than  a “Book Nook.” One of the best ways to usher in sleep is by reading a book or being read to. Aim for a space that is calm and peaceful, with a dim light or flashlight that will allow enough light to read. Choose a few favorite books to be on hand nearby or visit your local library regularly to get new ones and continue to foster the excitement of reading.

bedtime fort

3. “Survival Shelter” Fort

With survival shows being all the rage, what child wouldn’t enjoy creating their own “shelter” to sleep in every night? Start by having your child research different shelters and come up with a fort to match their favorite.

To really create the environment of being outdoors, have a sleeping bag for a bed, along with a flashlight or battery-operated lantern to read books. And, for an added element of fun, string up a few lights to resemble starts or play gentle outdoor sounds. Your outdoorsman may never want to come out!

4. Animal Habitat

For the animal lover in the family, have your child create a structure that matches the habitat of one of their favorite animals. Their animal of choice may burrow in the ground, live in a cave, or even hibernate during winter. Not only will make this structure be fun, but it can also be educational if you allow your child an opportunity to research their animal and learn more about them.

Use appropriate colored sheets and towels to enclose the fort and for added creativity, have your child draw items that may be found in their habitat.

bedtime fort

5. The Royal Chamber

What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess one day? With a royal chamber bedtime fort, she can be one every night.

Start with designing and building a fort that looks like a castle on the floor or around the headboard of the bed. Choose frilly and plush bedding or pillows to really make the space comfortable and fitting for a princess. Lastly, add a few ornate pieces from around the house or a couple of flameless candles to provide the finishing touches.

The Benefits of Sleep

While we all know that sleep is good, it’s especially important for children. Having a peaceful bedtime routine along with enjoying where they sleep will lead to more beneficial rest. Sleep not only fosters improved attention, but improved learning, memory, behavior, and overall mental and physical health.

Working Together

While this is a great project to be able to spend time together, it also promotes the development of several STEAM skills. Not only will your children be working together on a  common goal, but they will also be fostering creativity, employing math skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving, as well as working with their hands to develop fine-motor skills.

Completing their project will allow for a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at the finished product, as well as fulfillment in seeing their work every night.

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