Over 50 Fun Fort Building Ideas for Kids With Fort Magic

Posted January 31, 2017 by Fort Magic

While parents continue to wish for more family time, studies indicate that the current generation of parents are doing better than they realize. Yes, you can relax a bit. Our children see things a bit differently. Lack of time is not an issue for them. Kids wish parents would be less fatigued and less stressed at home. Fort building grants the wishes of both less stress and fatigue. Mom and dad find quality time with their kids. As for the wishes of children, whoever saw a stressed, tired fort builder? The following 50 fun fort building ideas and activities for kids require the involvement of others. So grab your Fort Magic kit, your kids, and get started together.

fun fort ideas1. Build a “Star Wars” Death Star with blinking lights and a Fort Magic R2D2.

2. Host an “Alice in Wonderland” tea party down the rabbit hole.

3. Cinderella’s carriage with a Fort Magic horse lets your child imagine princesses and formal balls.

4. Superhero forts in the form of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude or the Bat Cave bring forth feelings of truth and justice.

5. Real-life hero forts inspire young firemen or policemen through play.

6. A “Frozen” fort constructed as a crystal palace, magnificent castle, or Kristoff’s cabin entertain.

7. A flying dragon inspires sky-bound adventures.

8. Family pets and beloved stuffed animals take refuge in a pet hospital made with blankets.

fun fort ideas9. The family feline joins the play in a cat playscape or playground.

10. Since Fido always steals the fort’s construction materials, be sure to create a doghouse fort just for him.

11. A nursery for nurturing baby dolls with Fort Magic doll furniture builds compassion with these fun fort ideas.

12. Carnival bumper cars and a Ferris wheel lead to games and giggles in the forts.

13. Serve up good eats at a restaurant fort complete with a drive-through window. Do not forget the cars!

14. Friends find goods to try on or exchange in a classic boutique.

15. Creating updos and crazy braids in Mom and Dad’s mane brings laughter thanks to a hair salon.

16. Trains carry all kinds of cargo around the house.

fun fort ideas17. Fort Magic treehouses do not require trees, but artificial leaves (or real ones for the brave) lead to secret clubs and languages.

18. The mansion of your child’s dreams becomes a reality through fort building.

19. Challenge kids to build a Fort Magic version of your home.

20. Cold weather welcomes a beach house complete with moldable sand activities.

21. Tiki huts boast kid-friendly tropical drinks and games of limbo, a childhood favorite.

22. Light up the night with magical, twinkling forts.

23. Honor winter holidays, such as Christmas or Hanukkah, with themed fort designs.

24. Imagine life at the North Pole with toy building workshops and Santa’s secret hideaway.

fun fort ideas25. Let older children bake and host a cookie exchange in a Holiday Cookie Cafe.

26. Real or created candy covers a gingerbread house and hosts a reading of “Gingerbread Baby” by Jan Brett.

27. Forts that honor Kwanzaa teach of culture, celebration, and family.

28. DIY poster board playing cards wall in a fort and drawcard sharks for games of Go Fish.

29. Entertain with the spellbinding magic on a Fort Magic curtained stage.

30. Lego forts boast bright-colored bricks and a double-decker couch.

31. Honor good grades and other achievements with a personalized fort celebration.

32. If you’re interested in how to make a fort that looks like stained glass houses, delight everyone when built near a window streaming sunshine.

fun fort ideas33. Return to the one-room schoolhouse and the lessons learned there. Dunce cap a must!

34. Encourage kids to explore their futures with “What I want to be!” forts. Doctors, astronauts, baseball stars, and more inspire the design.

35. Tunnel fort races bring out the energy in even the youngest fort builders.

36. Laid out in a track around the house, Fort Magic pieces pave the course for runners or motocross riders.

37. A tunnel constructed at the front door while kids are away makes for a grand welcome home.

38. March Madness celebrated with a Fort Magic basketball court scores a victory.

39. Forts filled with balloons make for great hiding or popping games.

40. Ball games with courts defined by Fort Magic pieces bring hours of activity.

41. Playground games of hopscotch and foursquare move indoors with outlines crafted from sticks and connectors.

42. Bobsled races bring Olympic fever as kids build sleds and imagine racing down icy chutes.

fun fort ideas43. Stuffed animals attached to dog sleds bring Iditarod adventures.

44. A ski chalet fort warms with hot cocoa after wintry skiing or sledding outside.

45. Spy hideouts house international maps, gadgets, secret code breakers, and a cool spy car!

46. Build a concert hall for performing instrumentalists and vocalists.

47. Broaden fort designs to further develop math skills with a fun twist.

48. Butcher paper covered forts allow family members to pen gratitudes on their walls.

49. For those “I need to talk” moments, forts offer the perfect relational privacy.

50. Sweet dreams come easily with bed forts whether built on the mattress or on the floor.

fun fort ideas

With all these fun fort ideas, you and your kids can enjoy hours of creative fort building with Fort Magic! Do you have any other unique and fun fort building ideas? Share your ideas with us below!

fun fort ideas


fun fort ideas

fun fort ideas

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fun fort ideas

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