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Posted May 16, 2016 by Fort Magic

As the time ticks by for those young giggles at our feet, every day celebrates their unbelievable growth. But the celebration of a once a year birthday holds special enchantment for parent and child. It is an occasion destined for memories. Thinking of unique birthday surprises transports adults back to the joy of youth and delights children with pageantry and pizzazz.


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Each year’s hoop-dee-doo takes on a new flavor as age brings new interests, and likes and dislikes. Fortunately, Fort Magic kits save the day and the party with versatility. From precocious toddlers to energetic middle-schoolers to even some hard to please teens, forts entertain. After all, everyone enjoys a cozy hideaway or place to leave reality for the world of imagination, even if just for a short time.


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So let’s put on those thinking caps (Don’t worry. Party hats are not far behind!) and discover some fun and unique birthday ideas to excite and honor your child on this big day. Simple celebrations first come to mind. Fort Magic sticks and connectors could be used to construct a surprise birthday fort after the kids are in bed or off to school. Yes, Mom and Dad, this means you get the Fort Magic kit all to yourself for a few minutes. The design can be a simple square or perhaps a shape that is personalized to the birthday boy or girl such as a rocket or igloo. But the key is to enclose it with sheets or blankets. No room for peeking! Then you are ready for even more fun!


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FILL IT! Max out your fort with colorful balloons, bright balls, gifts (You can always adjust your fort size to fit your budget!) or even giggling friends for the birthday child to discover in the morning or on his or her return home. Maybe you want to hide one brightly wrapped gift among the balloons, balls or other contents to be discovered. Make sure it is not fragile!


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If you are feeling more inspired, make birthday signs for the outside, decorate with crepe paper or string lights or create a scavenger hunt or trail of chocolate kisses leading up to the entrance of your fort. Enlist the help of siblings, grandparents or friends. And, do not forget to record the response as your child enters the “door” of the fort. While their reaction may be priceless, the gush in your own heart will be indescribable.


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But what about the birthday party? Again, you cannot go wrong with forts! And Fort Magic sticks and connectors allow you to create along any theme. A grand castle could be built for a princess party or the celebration of a young knight. Be sure to have the guests dress in their regal finery for the event. And, afternoon tea (Kool-aid or punch for the finicky.) can be served or a royal fencing lesson on the estate lawn may focus those party attending knights. Dad can even “knight” his son for a bit of majestic pomp and circumstance. Or maybe a royal ball can be held in honor of the princess.


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Or what about a raceway party? Guests could create vehicles from the Fort Magic sticks and connectors. Provide supplies for the body of the race cars including a way to attach numbers. Toy cars or small soapbox car kits make great party favors. And, checkered flags and racetrack party fare complete the setting. For your budding engineer or architect, a construction themed birthday inspires to the heights of skyscrapers. Again, guests participate in designing and constructing forts. Goodie bags boast building blocks. Snacks include mini marshmallows with fun colored toothpicks to simulate a mini mock-up of the soon-to-be fort. Chunks of cheese and fruit, gum drops and Twizzler ropes may add creativity to the designing.


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The possibilities end only with your and your child’s imagination. Let your child do a create-your-own birthday theme. Plan the theme around a favorite fort idea. Be inspired by the web or Fort Magic designs, other builders or your child’s passion during this stage of life. Perhaps the family will develop a boat or a submarine for an underwater party. A barn hosts a western theme. Or, a fort covered in white paper becomes a canvas for guest artists to create a masterpiece at a studio party. Just break out the paints!



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And as the celebration draws to a close and young feet grow weary, eyelids heavy, crawl into the fort with your birthday boy or girl. Snuggle and read a special birthday story together, relive the moments of the day. But beware, this very well may become a tradition. And watch that babe of yours drift off to sleep. For no better rest exists outside the slumber within the walls of a birthday fort with dreams of family and friends and fun.




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