Simple Fort Magic DIY Fabric Cover Ideas

Posted January 8, 2021 by Fort Magic

fort fabric clips

Fort Magic Kits are fun for all ages and bring out the creative side in all of us. One of the best things about our kits is the fact that you can use things found around your home as cover ideas. Simply use the fabric clips included in your kit, attach the item of your …

Children's Indoor Balloon-House Fort Play

Posted January 1, 2021 by Fort Magic

indoor fort play

There is no doubt that it has been a crazy year. Not only have several holiday get-togethers been canceled, but several birthday parties as well. Even places where you would typically host a birthday party have closed down making celebrating a challenge. However, just because you may not be going out somewhere or having people …

Open-Ended Children's Fort Kit Play Ideas

Posted December 18, 2020 by Fort Magic

open-ended fort

As the holiday season approaches, there are so many great toys out there that provide hours of fun and entertainment for your child. However, many of them end up doing the playing or even imagining for them. And, while these can be great, it’s important to provide toys that can develop your child’s own imagination …

Building A Love Of Science With Fort Magic

Posted December 11, 2020 by Fort Magic

love science

As more and more parents have started homeschooling, it’s important to have the right tools and equipment to bring different subjects to life. Studying from a textbook can be beneficial, but doing hands-on experiments can make all of the difference when it comes to learning and retention. Did you know that a Fort Magic building …

Teaching STEM Skills For Kids 8-12 With Fort Magic

Posted December 4, 2020 by Fort Magic

STEM learning

When you think about STEM learning, it’s natural to picture a classroom. And, while this method may work for some, the reality is that most kids learn by practice and through their environment. In fact, one of the best ways for them to do this is through fun activities like fort building. Fortunately, with a …

Create A Secret Hideaway With Sleepover Kids Tent Forts

Posted November 27, 2020 by Fort Magic

sleepover forts

Thinking back, most of us can probably remember begging our parents to have a sleepover. There’s something about being with friends in your home (or theirs) that is special and just plain fun. For parents, however, it can be chaotic and sometimes stressful keeping your kids and their friends entertained. With a Fort Magic building …

6 Magical Ideas To Celebrate The Holidays With Children's Forts

Posted November 20, 2020 by Fort Magic

fort building during holiday

The holidays are a magical time filled with so many unique traditions. And, while many of us look forward to them every year, why not make them even better for your children with a Fort Magic building kit? Designed to fit kids both young and old, this kit can add a new element to your …

Winter Igloo Indoor Fort Play For Children

Posted November 13, 2020 by Fort Magic

igloo fort ideas

As the season’s change and temperatures begin to drop, children are playing indoors more and more. And, while finding things to do can be a challenge, with a Fort Magic building kit, they don’t have to be. Challenge your kids with these ideas to not only bring the outdoors indoors by building an indoor igloo …

Large-Size Fort Kits Inspire Magic During The Holidays

Posted November 6, 2020 by Fort Magic

indoor winter forts

It’s no secret that this year has been tough. And, with the way things have gone, we could all use a little extra “magic” this holiday season. Fortunately, with a Fort Magic fort building kit, your kids can enjoy the spirit of any holiday with fun projects that will keep them not only entertained but …

Homeschool Fort Ideas Make Learning Fun For Kids

Posted October 30, 2020 by Fort Magic

homeschool fort

This year has certainly been a unique one when it comes to education. Many parents have made the decision to keep their children at home and provide schooling on their own. And, while it can be intimidating, homeschooling provides a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to both teaching and learning. Let us …

Touch-Free Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas With Fort Magic

Posted October 23, 2020 by Fort Magic

Halloween fort building

With the world feeling so out of control right now, we are all looking for ways to feel normal. One of the best ways to do that is by carrying on with our Halloween tradition of Trick or Treating. And, while it may look a little different this year, it can still be done in …

Large-Size Fort Ideas Big Kids Love With Fort Magic

Posted October 16, 2020 by Fort Magic

fort ideas for big kids

There are so many fort kits on the market that cater to young kids, but the reality is that older kids enjoy and learn from building them just as much as younger ones. With a Fort Magic building kit, kids of all ages and sizes can have the opportunity to create and build a fort …

STEM Fort Building Ideas For Kids 6-12

Posted October 9, 2020 by Fort Magic

STEM learning

Fort building is an activity that is not only timeless, it’s one that is great for kids young and old. And, while most building kits are geared toward younger children, Fort Magic has kits big enough for kids up to 12 years! Along with providing fun, this activity greatly benefits school-age children. It teaches them …

Build Confidence & Self-Expression With Fort Magic

Posted September 30, 2020 by Fort Magic


While they haven’t always been the focus when raising kids in the past, many researchers are starting to realize that building confidence and encouraging self-expression are extremely important for development. Not only can they reduce stress, but they also support the health and wellbeing of children, as well as other positive emotions. Because of this, …

Inspire Young Entrepreneurs With Fort Magic

Posted September 23, 2020 by Fort Magic

kids business

Through the years, many of us have been taught that hard work and discipline are the best ways to find success, especially for young entrepreneurs. And, while that may be true, there is also something to be said about making time for play, especially for our young children. We have some great ideas for your …