Kids Creative Crafting Ideas With The Fort Magic Kit

Posted April 23, 2021 by Fort Magic

School is almost out for the summer and finding something to do with the kids home every day can be a bit overwhelming. Below we will give you a few fun and creative ways to build forts using our Fort Magic kits and keep your kids entertained all summer long. Imagine sitting outside enjoying a …

Homeschooling Ideas For Kids 6 - 12 With Fort Magic

Posted April 16, 2021 by Fort Magic

  As the school year is winding down and you have to make a decision on whether to send your kids back to school or not.  The answer may not be a simple and easy one for most families. Listening to all the lectures and podcasts you can online, reading up on all the books, …

6 Ways To Inspire The Imagination With Fort Building

Posted April 2, 2021 by Fort Magic

imaginative fort building

Our children are born with strong imaginations and an instinct to be creative. As they grow older, however, they are exposed to more structured and standardized ways of living and tend to lose a little of that creativity and imagination. So, how can we as parents encourage our kids to think outside the box? To …

Fort Building Ideas To Teach Politeness & Good Manners

Posted March 26, 2021 by Fort Magic

fort ideas manners

Manners, something every kid has. Some good and some bad, but they are there. Are you looking for an easier way to teach your kids how to be polite and how to learn good manners? Here at Fort Magic, we know that teaching manners can be tricky, especially when your kids have outside influences that …

How To Build The Perfect Hideaway Fort For Kids

Posted March 19, 2021 by Fort Magic

hideaway fort

With unpredictable weather all across the United States, some days you have to be able to improvise and come up with a new plan of action to keep your kids entertained at home. One day we have sunny skies and good times outside, and then the next day we are stuck with rain. The next …

Staycation Fort Ideas Your Big Kids Will Love

Posted March 12, 2021 by Fort Magic

staycation fort ideas

What is a staycation? A staycation is a period of time in which your family stays home and participates in leisure activities in their home! Unfortunately, with most of the United States still shut down due to the COVID restrictions, a vacation is hard to come by right now. However, you can still have a …

Bed Forts & Bedtime With The Fort Magic Kit

Posted February 19, 2021 by Fort Magic

bed forts

Bedtime is something usually that kids associate with being boring and no fun. Some may even cry when it is that time every night. Are you looking for ideas so your kids don’t fight you every night and make bedtime enjoyable? Fort Magic Building kits can put the fun at bedtime with bed forts. Bed …

Build Enchanting Forts With The Fort Magic Fort Building Kit

Posted February 5, 2021 by Fort Magic

fairy tale fort

Are your children caught up in fairytales? Dreaming of castles and carriages, princes and princesses, and even the royal guard. Here at Fort Magic, we love to see kids playing and learning at the same time. Building a fort is a great way for kids to use their imagination as well as problem-solving skills and …

Fort Building Inspires Excitement & Creativity In Home Learning

Posted January 29, 2021 by Fort Magic

learning through fort building

Learning through play is essential to early childhood development.  Fort Magic building kits allow educators and parents to inspire excitement and creativity in their children’s education. Here are a few ways you can use our fort building kit for kids as part of in-home learning. Fort Building Kits Inspire Excitement and Creativity Building forts is …

Build Festive & Magical Winter Forts With Fort Magic

Posted January 22, 2021 by Fort Magic

indoor winter forts

Is the weather outside a little too cool to play in all day long? Are the kids getting bored? We recommend a Fort Magic Building Kit. It can be used in endless ways to entertain your kids and keep them busy. Through play they will have fun thinking, problem-solving, learning, creating, and using their imagination. …

Teaching Architecture For Kids 6-12 With Fort Building Kits

Posted January 15, 2021 by Fort Magic

Architecture fort

When you were a kid, did you try to build a fort out of your bedding and chairs? Did you get frustrated because it was constantly falling? Fort Magic kits make building kits that inspire kids to tap into their creative side without worrying if their fort will fall over every few minutes. Fort Magic …

Simple Fort Magic DIY Fabric Cover Ideas

Posted January 8, 2021 by Fort Magic

fort fabric clips

Fort Magic Kits are fun for all ages and bring out the creative side in all of us. One of the best things about our kits is the fact that you can use things found around your home as cover ideas. Simply use the fabric clips included in your kit, attach the item of your …

Children's Indoor Balloon-House Fort Play

Posted January 1, 2021 by Fort Magic

indoor fort play

There is no doubt that it has been a crazy year. Not only have several holiday get-togethers been canceled, but several birthday parties as well. Even places where you would typically host a birthday party have closed down making celebrating a challenge. However, just because you may not be going out somewhere or having people …

Open-Ended Children's Fort Kit Play Ideas

Posted December 18, 2020 by Fort Magic

open-ended fort

As the holiday season approaches, there are so many great toys out there that provide hours of fun and entertainment for your child. However, many of them end up doing the playing or even imagining for them. And, while these can be great, it’s important to provide toys that can develop your child’s own imagination …

Building A Love Of Science With Fort Magic

Posted December 11, 2020 by Fort Magic

love science

As more and more parents have started homeschooling, it’s important to have the right tools and equipment to bring different subjects to life. Studying from a textbook can be beneficial, but doing hands-on experiments can make all of the difference when it comes to learning and retention. Did you know that a Fort Magic building …